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MintStars is an NFT subscription platform for creators, models, and their fans.
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MintStars combines a subscription platform with a marketplace where content can be resold, with creators earning a percentage of every resale. It’s a bit like a clip store and subscription site combined. We use a crypto-based payment processor to eliminate payment discrimination and chargebacks, and we make content into NFTs so you can earn money from resales, but you don’t need any crypto knowledge to use the platform.



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Fans pay a 5% fee on purchases
Maker fee =


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  • Zero fees for creators
  • Earn passive income from content resales
  • A creator-first platform


  • In beta right now


  • Subscriptions - your fans subscribe monthly
  • Fans can re-sell content they've received while subscribed
  • Get paid instantly in crypto and withdraw to your bank account






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What is MintStars?

MintStars combines subscription NFT drops with marketplace resales to help creators earn more from every piece of content, protect them from piracy, and reduce creator burnout.

Fans subscribe to creators on a monthly basis and receive an NFT of every piece of content they post, which they can keep or resell on the Marketplace, with creators getting royalties.

Creators can also sell premium content on the Marketplace, choosing the price and rarity.

MintStars NFTs are different from traditional NFTs – since each NFT represents the license to private content, the content behind each NFT is viewable only by the NFT holder; the NFT acts as a key to access the content.

Buyers purchase NFTs not just for their collectibility, but also for their ability to access the content.

MintStars model relies on in an economy of scarcity: When a creator posts content, only their current subscribers receive that NFT.

This makes content posted earlier in a creator’s career rarer and more valuable. Since later subscribers will want to buy that earlier content on the marketplace, fans are incentivized to help their favorite creators grow.

Creators’ fans become their marketing team.

Fans are incentivized to subscribe to undiscovered creators, helping counterbalance the huge inequality in earnings between creators based on their follow counts. This model combats creator burnout by rewarding quality over quantity and enabling creators’ content to continue earning money for them long after it’s posted.

Fans, meanwhile, can easily recoup their subscription costs with only a couple resales, increasing platform stickiness and renewal rates.

What problem does Mintstars solve?

For content creators, MinstStars tackle common pain points including:High feesPiracyDelays in payouts/lack of access to moneyHard to get discovered, hard to marketDiscrimination by payment processorsCensorship by mainstream platformsInsecurity/precarity

Who uses Minstars?

Professional content creators active on subscription platforms like Patreon, OnlyFans, Fansly etcCreators on Twitch, TikTok and Instagram who are looking to offer exclusive content by subscription

What is MintStars used for?

MintStars has 2 primary user bases.

Creators and fans.

As a creator you're able to monetise and engage your audience with exclusive, subscriber-only content.

As a fan - subscribe to get access to exclusive content from your favourite creators and resell content to recoup your subscription cost

How to get started with MintStars?

MintStars is currently in beta. However, if you visit their site or one of their other communication channels you should be able to reach out for a creator invite.

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