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Blur is an NFT marketplace that bills itself as the "NFT marketplace for Pro Traders"
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Blur is an NFT marketplace platform. It allows users to better trade across multiple other marketplaces so they can more effcetively buy and sell their NFT assets for profit.


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  • Aggregates info from multiple NFT marketplaces


  • Not for newbies


  • Sweep multiple NFT marketplaces
  • Bulk buy multiple assets in one place
  • Portfolio management analytics
  • Snipe good deals early





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What is is an NFT marketplace with a difference. Rather than listing items themselves on Blur, they aggregate the NFT data across multiple other NFT marketplaces so you can buy and sell across multiple marketplaces from one platform.

They've also built a couple of specific "pro trader" tools for NFTs to help serious traders better manage their portfolio.

Those tools include...

  • Multi NFT Marketplace links (get info on assets from OpenSea, LooksRare, and more in the Blur dashboard)
  • Convenient settings for sweeps
  • Set acceptable gas pre sets
  • Easy to understand sales graphs

What problem does Blur solve?

If we're being 100% honest, the massive boom in NFT popularity in 2021 wasn't due to utility or driven by pragmatism.

It was down to the amount of money people could make trading NFTs.

It wasn't unheard of for someone to spend a couple of hundred on a new mint only to see the price double, triple, or increase by a multiple of hundreds.

As the hype in the industry grew, so too did the tools that allow you to buy and sell NFTs.

But this created it's own problem.

You had to go to where the NFTs you wanted to buy were listed.

That could be OpenSea. It could be LooksRare. Or it could be one of the many other NFT marketplaces.

Having to split your time across multiple platforms to check things like floor price, asking price, historical trade volume and price, as well as gas fees was a laborious task that made trading NFTs so much more difficult.

Blur is here to make that problem easier.

Blur pulls the listing information for NFTs from multiple marketplaces into one easy to use platform.

From the Blur platform, you're able to check the price, understand trade history, and even make offers for NFTs on multiple NFT marketplaces.

Blur have also built in a number of specific "pro trader" tools to help the serious NFT traders out there purchase multiple entries in a collection and beat the price increase that comes with the hype of a new collection.

For serious NFT traders fed up of cycling through different marketplaces, Blur might just be the next best option. pros

  1. Secure - Uses blockchain technology to ensure a secure marketplace
  2. Reliable - All NFTs are verified so buyers can purchase with confidence
  3. Confidentiality - Account and identity information is kept private and secure
  4. Inexpensive - Fees for purchasing or selling on are among the lowest in the industry
  5. User-Friendly Interface - Easily search, browse, filter and compare different NFTs
  6. Comprehensive Marketplace - Offers thousands of NFTs from many creators across multiple genres and categories
  7. Instant Delivery - Withdrawals are instantaneous after payment is confirmed cons

  1. Limited Digital Art Support: currently only supports digital painting and is not well-suited for more specialized art forms such as 3D models, videos, GIFs and interactive digital art. features

  1. Browse, Trade and Auction NFTs
  2. Accessible to all types of Ethereum wallets
  3. Ability to follow and monitor favorite artists
  4. View detailed information about each non-fungible token listed for sale
  5. Advanced analytics for blockchain trends and analysis
  6. Explore marketplace ratings, rankings & verified feedback on both buyers & sellers
  7. Easy-to-use search tools to locate desired items quickly pricing

Blur's marketplace, aggregator, and advanced trading tools available to all users at no cost.

This means that no marketplace fees are charged for using these tools in an effort to make trading easier and more accessible for all. 

How to get started with Blur

Head to the Blur site and click on the "Connect Wallet" button.

After you've synced your wallet, you'll be dropped into the primary Blur dashboard.

How to get started with Blur

From here, you can find a collection you want to invest in or trade by searching or scrolling through the list. C lick into it to put the full Blur feature set to work.

How to get started with The main collection dashboard. contact details

You can contact the Blur team through their website or through the below channels.

Blur Twitter

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