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Become a Decent Reviews Affiliate

Get paid for referring new projects to Decent Reviews

At Decent Reviews we're working to bring more trust and credibility to Web3.


Well, we create impartial overviews that answer the major questions users might have about new and existing projects. We're talking things like the price, a project's use case, pros, cons, features, etc.

This is both to help people understand more about the project, and also to help great projects rank in Google so they can attract more leads.

Here's the thing.

Right now, Decent Reviews is a small team. Between optimising the site for search rankings, doing what we can to improve UX, and working to grow the audience, we never seem to have enough time to find and add new projects.

So, we're looking for help. And we're willing to pay those who refer new projects to us 10% of the price they pay.

Here's how that breaks down in terms of payment to the referrer.

1. Free listing

We have a free listing option because we want as many projects as possible to be able to generate user reviews for feedback, and to help new users find projects that fit their needs.

2. Express listing ($150 fee - $15 to affiliates)

We can't just upload the listings we receive as they are.

There's a lot of editing and formatting required to get something up on the site. We often have to fix typos, remove overly promotional language (our overviews are always impartial and fact based), add images etc.

Sometimes the queue to get published gets pretty full and it can take us a few weeks to get to a new listing.

If a project needs to be listed ASAP, they can pay an express fee to get up on the site within 48 hours.

As an affiliate, you'll get $15 per successfully referred project.

3. Premium listing ($1000 fee - $100 to affiliates)

With this option, brands get a detailed overview of their brand from us. We build out a 1000+ word explanation of what they do that hits all of the important search terms for their brand.

We also offer access to our Discord bot that helps generate reviews direct from their community.

And we offer them the ability to upload custom media to show a "behind the scenes" demo of their project so people know what they're getting into. Finally, the brand can create their own short blurb talking about what they're trying to achieve and the culture they're building.

As an affiliate, you get $100 for each successfully referred user.

Contact details

If you want to enquire about helping out with this, please reach out through one of the below channels...
Email - support (at)
Discord -
Telegram -

Terms and conditions

1.Eligibility. To be eligible for Commission

  1. A lead must be accepted and valid in accordance with the ‘Acceptance and Validity’ section below
  2. A transaction must have occurred
  3. The client must inform us who referred them to Decent Reviews
  4. Customer must remain a customer during the locking period (30 days post payment)
  5. In competitive situations with other partners, we may elect to provide the Commission to the partner that we deem to be the most eligible for Commission, at our discretion. We may discontinue Commission payments should any of the eligibility criteria set forth in this subsection fail to be met at any time.
  6. You mjust have registered with the Decent Reviews team as an affiliate before referring customers to us. You can do that by emailing our team at support (at)

2.Acceptance and Validity. You will only be eligible for a Commission payment for any Customer Transactions that are derived from leads generated by you. A Lead will be considered valid and accepted if, in our reasonable determination:

  1. It's a new potential customer of ours
  2. Is not, at the time of submission or sixty (60) days prior, one of our pre-existing customers, or involved in our active sales process.
  3. it adheres to our "accepted projects" rules and regulations which can be found on the Submit page here.

We may choose not to accept a lead in our reasonable discretion for various reasons.

Once we have received the lead information, we may elect to engage with the prospect directly, regardless of whether or not the lead is valid. If a lead is not valid then we may choose to maintain it in our database and we may choose to engage with such leads. Any engagement between Decent Reviews and a lead will be at Decent Reviews' discretion.

3.Commission payment. For every lead provided by you that we convert you would be eligible for a 10% commission on the platform fee. The payment goes through only after :

  • The client has agreed to all the terms
  • Decent Reviews has received the payment
  • The listing process has begun
  • 30 days after the client has paid for the review to appear on Decent Reviews

Commissions are usually paid in USD at the current conversion rate. You are responsible for payment of all taxes and fees (including bank fees) applicable to the Commission. We reserve the right to alter or change the Commission amount.

  1. What we list

We don't list everything in Web3.

We focus on the platforms, tools, and utility focused projects in the space.

We do not list cryptocurrencies. We also only list NFT collections if they have real-world utility.

We don't list these because there are far too many to stay on top of and they need a special kind of analysis that is already handled very well on other platforms.

In essence we list the tools and platforms that allow people to engage with Web3 and blockchain. That includes everything from crypto exchanges to Web3 CRMs, advertising services to marketing agencies.

Service providers and utility focused projects are our ideal user case.