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Nibbl is a fractionalization platform for community NFT ownership



Nibbly is aDeFi native fractionalization platform focusing on NFTs.

They offer guaranteed liquidity for fractional tokens and a buyout rejection element to their platform.

Buyouts on Nibbl are based solely on price instead of on-chain voting.



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  • Opens NFT investment to people who might not be able to do it on their own
  • Based on price


  • New tech, not yet tested


  • Fractionalization of your held NFTs
  • Fair buyouts
  • Token gated platform chat






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What is Nibbl?

Nibbl is a platform that allows for the fractionalization and fractional investment in NFTs.

If you're an NFT holder, you can use Nibbl to fractionalize your NFT so that you can sell it piece by piece to several investors.

If you're an investor who wants to hedge their best, you can invest small amount sin multiple NFTs rather than pumping all of your funds into one NFT.

Nibbl offers an in-platform chat which is token gated to facilitate relevant discussions with other fractional token buyers.

There's also a buyout feature which is put to all holders of a token to approve.

What problem does Nibble solve?

NFTs saw huge surge in popularity on 2021.

A lot of new collections were created and some hit the blue-chip status which brings with it an incredibly high price.

While many people wanted to get involved in owning and investing in NFTs, these higher prices for the legit projects made it difficult for those with little capital to take advantage of the rising prices.

Nibbl makes investing in NFTs more available for all thanks to its fractionalized approach.

Users who might not have the capital to invest in something like a BAYC can buy part of one that fits with their budget

They're given voting rights in how the asset is handled and are paid out fairly.

How to get started with Nibbl

Head ot the Nibbl site and click on the wallet connect button. Choose how you want to connct from the options provided.

After you've linked your wallet you have two options.

How to invest in fractionalized NFTs with Nibbl

For those looking to invest in a fractional NFT, click on your wallet ID that replaced the connect button and click on "Explore".

How to use Nibbl

From here you're directed to their marketplace page. Here you'll find all of the NFts on their marketplace.

How to use Nibbl

From there, you simply find the NFt you like and follow the on screen prompts to buyout a share of the NFT.

How to fractionalize an NFT with Nibbl

From the top navigation bar click "Fractionalize".

How to fractionalize an NFT with Nibbl

Once you've clicked you'll be taken to a screen where you need to add the name, supply, and cost details of the NFT you want to fractionalize.

Below these details you'll choose an NFT from your wallet to add as the asset.

How to use Nibbl

once this is done, click Next and follow the prompts to fractionalize your NFT and add it top the marketplace.

Nibbl contact details

If you want to learn more from the Nibble team, you can contact them through the site or through the below.

Nibbl Twitter

Nibbl Telegram

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