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Hodl My Moon

Hodl My Moon is a social NFT platform

Hodl My Moon


Hodl My Moon is a social NFT platform. Mint NFTs, make frens, and buy or sell on the marketplace.

Hodl My Moon


Taker fee =
No minting fees. User pays their own gas, which is less than a cent on Polygon. Currently 3% on any market transactions.
Maker fee =

Hodl My Moon

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Hodl My Moon
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  • Your community and marketplace are in the same place.
  • You can create an NFT and see it on the blockchain in less than a minute.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge to use the platform.


  • Currently single chain.


  • Minting NFTs
  • Following frens via feed and interacting with their NFTs
  • Transacting on the marketplace


Hodl My Moon




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Hodl My Moon

Hodl My Moon


Hodl My Moon


What is Hodl my Moon?

Hodl My Moon's aim is to make minting NFTs easy, and connecting with other NFT holders easier.

Minting is quick, easy and requires no technical knowledge. You can have an NFT on the blockchain in under a minute.

Hodl my Moon provides an easy way to view your, and your frens, NFTs before allowing you to interact with them and engage with social media like functions.

What problem does Hodl My Moon solve?

NFTs started out as something fun, and then the massive gains in 2022 made them something of a chore.

People were no longer doing it for fun, but for hard profit.

It made the world of NFTs feel less magical and more formulaic as people were simply creating to make some money.

All of this complicated the world of NFTs and turned many off creating their own projects.

Hodl My Moon is aiming to change that.

They make minting easy. You can mint an NFT from your phone and have it on the blockchain in under a minute without any technical knowledge.

You can also follow your friends and see what their NFTs are before leaving likes and comments just like a social network.

Who uses Hodl My Moon?

There's no defined target audience for Hodl My Moon.

Anyone who wants to launch an NFT but is maybe worried by the technical aspect is a good user for Hodl My Moon.

What are Hodl My Moon key use cases?

Most users use the platform to quickly and easily mint NFTs and share them to their followers feedsThey also browse their frens NFTs and like or comment on them.

How would a user get started with your project?

Head tot he Hodl My Moon site and click on "Connect to get Started" This will bring up a wallet sync.

How to set up Hodl my Moon

Sync your preferred wallet and you'll find yourself in the dashboard.

Hodl my Moon set up

Hodl My Moon contact

You can contact the Hodl My Moon team through the website or their Twitter account here.

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Hodl My Moon