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MOBOX provides a decentralized market where you can trade, lend and rent MOMO NFTs with participants‍ in other ecosystems.
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MOBOX provides a decentralized market where you can trade, lend and rent MOMO NFTs with participants‍ in other ecosystems.



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  • Simple to use user interface
  • The platform encourages developers to explore various available opportunities.


  • No fiat currency support


  • Free to play
  • Play to earn
  • Staking
  • Gamified rewards
  • NFT mystery boxes
  • NFT auction






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What is MOBOX?

MOBOX is a Binance Smart Chain-based NFT gaming platform founded in 2021. It combines NFTs gaming and Defi yield farming to form a 'free-to-play, play-to-earn gaming design model.' They created unique NFTs that are used across multiple MOBOX games and designed the MOBOX platform to source appealing yield strategies. The gaming platform intends to connect each metaverse by introducing NFT interoperability in various platforms and blockchain games.

More specifically, MOBOX aims to improve the NFT's utility of blockchain game titles and bring in additional utility through various efforts. The platform's ecosystem promotes the play-to-earn mechanism while retaining the free-to-play model.

MOBOX adopts a theory that motivates token holders to be honest and achieve optimized payoff. It ensures that good players receive their rewards. Staking MBOX token unites developers, users, artists, and other members of the ecosystem. It ensures that they act as an entity to achieve a goal.

Holders of MBOX tokens can participate in the system's decision-making process by voting. For example, they can vote on proposals for platform changes, such as new features. They can also manage the platform's activities such as events, game development and integration, development and unique functions, and so on.

The MOBOX gamification technique enables stakeholders to receive rewards as they play and enjoy the platform. This helps to create a system that is self-sustaining for community expansion.

Users can participate in a variety of platforms, including blockchain gaming, yield farming, and NFT farming. Furthermore, they receive staking rewards for staking liquidity pools or using MOMO NFTs paid in MOBOX currency.

The MOBOX team released an NFT game called 'Token Master,' followed by an RPG game called 'MOMO blockchain brawler.' They are also collaborating with other established projects in the ecosystem to develop NFT interoperability across games and platforms.

Users will be able to switch between the (BSC) Binance Smart Chain, TRON, and ETH using these cross-chain bridges. The gaming platform incorporates NFTs from other Defi projects, such as the PancakeSwap NFTs used in MOBOX games.

Furthermore, the MBOX token is the project's native token. Holders of this token stake it in order to earn additional incentives for themselves, encouraging them to keep it and use it. When they state these MBOX tokens, they receive unique MOMO NFT Mystery Boxes.

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