About DecentReviews

DecentReviews was founded in 2022 with the simple mission to make understanding and onboarding into the world of blockchain tech and Web3 easier.

We looked at the current market and realised that most of the educational content is simply too complex for the average user.

So we create simple to understand news and explanations to onboard even the newest of newbies.

We also create impartial reviews and allow real users to offer their own reviews as we believe a review from a heavy user is worth far more than one from a journalist or writer.

We're growing into a trusted news source fro Web3 and blockchain. And we're happy you're here with us.

Founded by

Pete Boyle in London



We're an independent news site with a vision to help everyone understand and make better decisions within Web3.

Thank you for reading DecentReviews, the place for decentralised reviews.We won't abuse the trust you've placed in us.