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NFTb is a platform for creators to access opportunities in DeFi with a focus on user experience.
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NFTb makes it easier for creators to access opportunities in DeFi and Web3.

They have multiple offerings including an NFT marketplace, staking offers, and a launchpad to help new projects launch.



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  • Expanding to multiple Web3 deliverables



  • NFT marketplace
  • Staking vaults
  • Launchpad for new projects
  • Web3 gaming platform






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What is NFTb?

NFTb is a platform working to make finding and leveraging opportunities in DeFi and Web3 easier for all./

They currently offer a number of different products including...

  • An NFT Marketplace
  • A vault for staking crypto and "learn to earn"
  • A Web3 project launchpad for new entrepreneurs and offers
  • A growing collection of Web3 games

While Web3 is still young, NFTb is attempting to set itself up as the best place to leverage opportunities through a better UX.

What problem does NFTb solve?

One of the big selling points about Web3 was returning control back to the users and creators of projects.

Not just in terms of decentralization, but in terms of ownership.

When the users of a project have a hand in development, the changes tend to be aligned with what the users want.

When a creator has control over their own monetization, they have more freedom to pursue what they want and not just play to the controlling third party's algorithms or needs.

The problem is that as Web3 has grown, a lot of the promises made to creators and users by big brands regarding ownership have been removed.

NFTb is a platform that's looking to build better systems for digital ownership.

They have several options to help Web3 creators own and monetise their work in numerous ways.

One of the key points they're aiming for is to make the whole process as user friendly as possible. A huge need in the complex world of Web3.

How to get started with NFTb

Head to the NFTb site and click on "connect wallet".

Follow the prompts to connect your wallet.

Once that's done, the "connect wallet" button will change to a "create" button. Click this and you'll be served a notice that you need to become a creator on the platform.

How to get started with NFTb

Click the "Become a creator" button which will take you to a from to fill out to become verified.

If you're just looking to see what NFTb has on the site, then after logging in you can simply navigate to their various aspects.

NFTb contact details

You can contact the NFTb team through the website or through one of the below channels.

NFTb Twitter

NFTb Telegram

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