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Magic Square

Magic Square is a Discovery & Engagement Platform for Web3
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Magic Square


Magic Square is a portal for the Web3 ecosystem providing community-vetted apps, games, and exclusive rewards. Users are able to tap into giveaways, promotions, and more as you dive deep into the dynamic world of decentralized technology

Magic Square


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Magic Square

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Magic Square
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  • Curated gateway into Web3
  • Community approved additions to the site
  • Reward system for participation


  • At the mercy of popular opinion


  • Dynamic offers presenting users with the most exciting deals and rewards
  • Magic Karma: An innovative rewards system that acknowledges and compensates user engagement and contributions to the community.
  • Magic Boost: A premium option available to developers, enabling them to amplify their project's visibility and reach within the community.


Magic Square




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Magic Square

Magic Square


What is Magic Square?

Magic Square is a  discovery and engagement platform crafted for the evolving Web3 ecosystem.

Magic Square offers a centralized platform for users to discover and interact with a wide array of community-vetted applications and games.

Simultaneously, Magic Square provides project developers  an opportunity to showcase their creations to an engaged community. The platform hosts exciting offers, rewards, and promotions, adding an additional layer of user interaction and incentive.

Magic Square serves both end users looking to explore the vast possibilities of Web3 applications and developers seeking to gain exposure and feedback for their projects. Users benefit from our curation and rewarding systems, while developers enjoy increased visibility and direct community engagement.

How is Magic Square different?

Unlike many platforms in the space, Magic Square thrives on its chain-agnostic approach and community-driven vetting process. They incorporate unique features like "Hot Offers", "Magic Karma", and "Magic Boost" to enhance user and developer experience.

The 'Freemium' model ensures that users can earn while they interact and developers can freely list their projects while having the option to opt-in for additional marketing services. Magic Square is dedicated to enriching the Web3 experience for all parties involved, offering a platform where discovery, engagement, and growth harmoniously coexist.

What problem does Magic Square solve?

In the rapidly growing Web3 ecosystem, users often face the challenge of discovering reliable and community-vetted decentralized applications and games amidst a sea of options. The vastness and novelty of the space can make navigation daunting and time-consuming.

Simultaneously, developers of these projects often struggle to gain visibility and constructive feedback, which are essential for growth and improvement.

Magic Square emerges as the perfect solution to these pain points. For users, Magic Square offers a centralized platform that curates and presents a wide array of community-vetted Web3 applications and games.

Magic Square's platform eliminates the need to scour multiple sources or risk engaging with unreliable projects.

Who uses Magic Square?

Magic Square is used by a diverse range of individuals and entities invested in the Web3 ecosystem.

The primary users include tech-savvy individuals, blockchain enthusiasts, and gamers who are engaged with the world of decentralization.

This user base encompasses casual explorers intrigued by the potential of Web3 applications and games, as well as more experienced users seeking a curated, rewarding platform for engagement with trusted projects within the ecosystem.

In addition to this, Magic Square caters to developers of decentralized applications and games. This group includes independent creators, start-ups, or even established development firms seeking a dynamic platform to showcase their projects, gain greater exposure, and collect invaluable community feedback.

Crucially, Magic Square also serves as a bridge connecting the world of Web2 users to Web3. We recognize the potential complexity of transitioning to a decentralized environment, and we've designed our platform with a simple, intuitive UI and UX to mitigate this challenge.

What are Magic Square's key use cases?

Magic Square's key use cases revolve around discovery, engagement, and growth in the Web3 ecosystem:

Discovering Web3 Projects: Users seeking to explore the world of decentralized apps and games find Magic Square's curation valuable. The platform presents a broad array of community-vetted projects, ensuring users can explore confidently without worrying about the reliability of the applications.

Engaging with Rewards and Promotions: The "Hot Offers" feature is popular among users looking to gain value from their interaction with the Web3 ecosystem.

This feature brings together the most exciting deals, rewards, and promotions, providing an additional incentive for user participation.Project Exposure and Feedback: For developers, Magic Square serves as a showcase platform for their projects.

They can list their apps or games, receive direct feedback from users, and leverage the "Magic Boost" feature to enhance project visibility within the community.

Web2 to Web3 Transition: Magic Square's simple and intuitive UI/UX makes it an ideal platform for Web2 users looking to dip their toes into the Web3 space. It's a convenient and reliable starting point for those transitioning from a centralized to a decentralized digital experience.

Community Building and Participation: With the "Magic Karma" rewards system, users are encouraged to actively contribute and participate in the community, fostering a sense of unity and collective decision-making. This use case is key for those wanting to be part of an interactive and rewarding Web3 community.

How to get started with Magic Square

Getting started with Magic Square is quite straightforward:

For Users: Visit the Magic Square platform and follow easy-to-understand prompts to create their free account.

For Developers: Developers interested in listing their decentralized application or game can head over to the site and look for the submission page.They'll find a clear and simple form to submit their project details. After the form is successfully submitted, they will be contacted by the team to guide them through the next steps of the process.

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Magic Square