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Layer3 is an education platform that rewards people for diving into Web3.
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Layer3's primary goal is to help anyone discover (or re-discover) the magic in Web3.

Users can take part in bounties - small tasks that are tracked in their wallet - to learn more about a protocol or action in Web3. After taking the action, the user is able to earn some crypto as a reward.

On the other side, projects can set up bounties through Layer3 to help with exposure and also onboard new users.



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  • "Gamifies" onboarding and user research for protocols
  • Enables easy rewards for improving your own Web3 knowledge



  • XP / level system
  • NFT or Crypto rewards for bounties






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What is Layer3?

Layer3 is a combination product discovery and reward platform for Web3 brands.

From the protocol side, you're able to list your protocol and create bounties that help new users get started with your offer.

From the user side, you can find these bounties, carry out the actions, and earn cryptocurrency as a reward for getting to grips with new offers in the space.

What problem does Layer3 solve?

Web3 is pretty complex, too complex for those who haven't yet jumped in.

Imagine trying to tell your family members who don't really understand what Bitcoin is how to provide liquidity for a token pair on Uniswap.

It would be an impossible battle.

This complexity, while great for those who understand the industry as it protects their higher skill abilities, makes it hard for new protocols to ever consider getting mass adoption.

If the average person cannot understand or action the core feature of your offer, a brand will find it very hard to succeed.

This is what Layer3 is helping to overcome.

They not only offer a product discovery platform where protocols can upload their own bounties to gain exposure to a new audience, but those bounties make it easier for new users to get to grips with key Web3 actions.

Protocols can set up bounties to help onboard people, which benefits the protocol with new users.

it also helps those new users by leading them through core functions of the protocol.

How to get started with Layer3

Head to the Layer 3 site and click on the "Connect Wallet" in the top nav bar. Connect your best wallet to the site.

Once linked, you'll find yourself on the below dashboard.

How to use Layer3

From here you can simply start working throught these Layer3 bounties to get a better understanding of Web3 as an industry.

Or you can click on contests in the top nav bar to find protocol specific bounties that usually have a crypto reward.

How to get started with Layer3

If you're building a protocol and want to get a bounty listed, head to the "Grow with Layer3" on the bottom of the page to find the sales contact details.

How to add a protocol to Layer3

Layer3 contact details

You can contact the Layer3 team through their site or through one of the below channels.

Layer3 Twitter

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