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The Best

Web3 Product Discovery platforms

The best part about Web3 is how it's enabling a whole new generation of entrepreneurs and founders to create something new.

The problem is that it's a very noisy space. A lot of the media attention and press coverage is dedicated to the established projects with vast funding and existing user bases.

Which means that the average new project finds it hard to make some noise.

This is what the below services help with.

All of the below are product discovery platforms and services in the Web3 space. They allow founders and marketers who are launching new projects to get word out there and grab their first few users to help them validate and scale the product.

these service are the lifeblood of the Web3 entrepreneurial scene, and they should all receive our support.





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Links is a product discovery platform bringing much-needed visibility to new Web3 founders and their projects.
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Find the community you belong to with Unita
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Barracuda is a Web3 "Link in Bio" page creator
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Layer3 is an education platform that rewards people for diving into Web3.
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What is a Web3 product discovery platform?

It's exactly what it sounds like. A platform that enables you to quickly and easily search and find specific projects and brands that are solving new problems in Web3.

Why use a Web3 product discovery platform?

A lot of the best new products don't come from large companies that are simply looking for something to keep existing investors and customers happy, they're from small startups that are looking to solve their own problems.

the problem is these small startups don't have the capital to pay for mass press releases or features in leading tech publications.

the result? 

They struggle to make an impact int he short term. And if they're working with a short cash runway a lot of great products go out of business before they ever manage to achieve something that could genuinely help people.

Web3 product discovery platforms allow these small startup founders to list their product and get the initial traction that would, otherwise, be extremely difficult or expensive to secure.

How to choose the best Web3 product discovery platform

It really all comes down to picking a platform that is focused on the kind of businesses you're researching.

If you're looking to compare and find a good DAO, then use a DAO discoverability tool.

If you're looking for an NFT collection, use an NFT collection discoverability tool.

You need to find a tools that focuses on the kind of assets you're looking to discover.