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Link3 is a Web3 native social platform that fosters better relationships between users and brands
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Link3 is a social network built for Web3. It builds better relationships between brands and users by allowing for the simple creation and management of events,

That includes adding incentives for users to join.



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  • Easy set up
  • Incentivization built in


  • Only appears to be audio events


  • Auto generate marketing collateral
  • Browser to find events and organisations






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What is Link3? 

Link3 is a Web3 native social platform that builds better community and relationships between brands and their audience.

The focus of Link3 is in the organisation of events in the space.

in addition to helping organise these events, Link3 also helps with promotion thanks to a simple viral referral system,. You're able to build a raffle into your event to get people to share, comment, and drive engagement with your event.

Raffle events for Link3 for better engagement.

What problem does Link3 solve?

Clubhouse - the audio only event app - gained a tonne of traction at the same time a lot of NFT hype began.

Weirdly, despite Clubhouse's swift fall from grace, audio events remained a key aspect of crypto, NFTs, and Web3 marketing strategies.

They became the de-facto event type for many in the space.

The problem is that there's a difficulty in marketing these events. While things like Twitter Spaces make it easy to host, the marketing and growth side isn't there on these native platforms.

The result is a lot of events in the space failing to get decent traction and people speaking to almost empty rooms.

This is what Link3 is helping to solve.

With Link3, you can set up an event for your Web3 audience. However, you can also incentivise people to take certain viral marketing actions to help boost your growth and reach.

The actions you ask people to take are simple, but effective. We're talking things like shares and follow on Twitter.

But throw enough of these events out there and you should start growing a more engaged community.

How to get started with Link3

Head to the site and follow the steps to connect your wallet.

It;'s a very quick and simple process on Link3.

Once done, you'll be able to join events and RSVP a spot.

However, if you're looking at marketing through Link3, you'll want to follow these extra steps.

How to set up an organization on Link3

Click on your avatar in the top right when your wallet is connected.

Look for the large + icon and create button under organization.

Set up an organization on Link3

You'll then be asked to enter your invitation code.

Link3 invitation code

Add this and you should then be able to register your organization to create your own Link3 events.

Link3 contact details

You can contact the Link3 team through their site or through one of the below channels.

Link3 Twitter

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