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Decent Reviews

Decent Reviews is a user-generated review site for Web3 projects.
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Decent Reviews


Decent Reviews is a web3 user generated review platform. Every Web3 project can get a free listing and have their users leave reviews on what they like and don't like. these reviews are a great way for new users to understand whether or not a project is the best fit for them.

Decent Reviews


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Decent Reviews

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Decent Reviews
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  • Free for any project to list themselves
  • Large and growing list of Web3 projects across multiple categories
  • Great organic search reach


  • No on-chain functionality yet (coming soon)


  • Detailed information based reviews of projects
  • Easy to leave and find reviews from real users of projects
  • Ability for projects to improve their listing by partnering with Decent Reviews
  • Discord Bot for review generation
  • Ready made templates for brands to use for review generation


Decent Reviews




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Decent Reviews

Decent Reviews


Decent Reviews


What is Decent Reviews? 

Decent Reviews is a user generated review site for Web3 brands.

It helps users in the space find and assess the projects they're thinking of partnering with or using for their needs.

It also helps legitimate projects by helping them increase their reach and impact. For partner brands who generate reviews, they'll get a collection of detailed marketing collateral and trust seals that will help them bolster their trust and generate more users for their project.

What problem does Decent Reviews solve?

Trust in Web3 is, justifiably, low.

With so many scam projects and bad actors in the space, it's often hard to know who to trust and what to do.

The problem with a lot of marketing - especially in Web3 - is that it's pay to win. You cna pay an influencer or person with an audience to say "this project is the best". The promoter only cares about their promotion fee and not the value of the project.

And even if they do, individual promoters are flawed. Offer enough money and even the most honest could be swayed to share overly promotional views. Not to mention one person's experience with a project isn't exactly representative of everyone's needs or experience.

But aggregated reviews from dozens, hundreds, or thousands of reviewers is far more valuable. It's not only much harder to fake or pay for a positive outcome, but encompasses far more variety in opinions and experiences which creates a more well-rounded overview.

Decent Reviews offers this specifically for Web3 brands.

Who uses Decent Reviews?

There are two primary users of Decent Reviews.

The first are end users of projects. These are people who come to the site and use it to discover and assess the various different service providers and projects in the space.

The other users are the brands and projects in Web3. They use Decent Reviews as a way to get valuable feedback from users and to create better lead generation of potential new customers.

How to get started with Decent Reviews

If you're a user looking to assess projects in the space, feel free to simply head tot he home page and search for eiother the project you want to understand or the category if you're comparison shopping.

If you're a brand, go to the submit page to see the different listing options available for your brand and budget.

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Decent Reviews