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Barracuda is a Web3 "Link in Bio" page creator
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With Barracuda, you can easily create a page that links to all of your Web3 portfolios and accounts.

Once the page is created, you can share a single link on your Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn or any other bio to help direct your social audience to your Web3 projects.


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  • Easy way to promote multiple web3 products
  • Web3 native functionality


  • New tech, not yet tested


  • Link multiple Web3 platforms
  • Easy to set up





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What is is a "link-in-bio" service. however, this is a little different to common services as it's built specifically for Web3.

You're able to create a custom page which links our to and/or gives an overview of your Web3 portfolio and project. web3 pages

Barracuda links with many different platforms so you can give potential customers an easy to understand overview of your prjoject.

What problem does solve?

Web3 is, unsurprisingly, decentralized.

not just in terms of users, but also the platforms we're all using.

If you're running a project, it can be quite the task to bring together stats from multiple locations like OpenSea, CoinGecko, LooksRare and anywhere else there are key stats a potential customer might want to check out.

What Barracuda does is offer a simple page where you can easily display all of this information.

What's better, you're then given a simple link which you can place in areas where you can attract a new audience.

For example, if you have an engaged Twitter following and place your Barracuda link in your bio, there's a very direct method for people who find you to learn more about the details of your project.

How to get started with is very simple to sign up to.

Head to the site and click on "Start your page".

Sign up to

Once you've clicked, you'll see a page like the below.

How to sign up to

You'll be asked some basic details about your project and then about yourself.

Set up a account

Final stage is to pick what someone will see in terms of your name and to add your contact details.

You'll also be able to link your wallet if you want. However, it's not necessary to get started and you can add it later.

ONce this is done, you'll find yourself on the main dashboard.

You can then follow the prompts to add the services your project uses. You'll then find a simple page link which you can use on your social platforms to turn a "rented audience" into one that's checking out your owned project and community. set up dashboard contact details

If you want to learn more about or reach out to the team for information, the below links will help. Twitter LinkedIn

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