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Unita is a community discovery platform.

While Unita's focus isn't specifically on Web3. they have a growing list of Web3 communities listed and reviewed on the site. Their detailed filter options will help you find the right community for you.



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  • Growing list of communities
  • Well managed and designed
  • Allows user feedback to offer real insight into each community


  • Not specifically Web3
  • Not too many user reviews yet


  • Search for communities
  • Community filters
  • User reviews






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What is Unita? 

Unita is a directory of communities which potential members can search.

You're able to review and research communities before you join them, or use it as a "product discovery" platform to help you find the community that best fits your needs and goals.

In addition to the basic filters of industry for the listed communities, Unita allows you to also filter communities based on elements including...

  • Physical or digital
  • Paid communities
  • Free communities
  • Whether or not they have a job board

By combining various search filters you should be able to find the right community for your needs.

What problem does Unita solve?

At the core of Web3 brands are the communities powering them.

The old way of launching businesses by creating an MVP and then launching to thew market are gone.

Modern, smart business people are first growing a community of people with similar interests. They can then disccover what product they want so they can launch their product to an audience who's ready to buy.

The problem is that there are a lot of communities that have popped up over the last few years which offer no real benefit to users.

It's easy for average users, with the best of intentions, to get pulled into a community which is nothing more than a scam or pump and dump group.

Unita helps people identify the bad actors by allowing real users to revieww the communities. It should help people make better decisions when deciding who to join and who to trust.

How to get started with Unita

Getting started with Unita is incredibly simple.

You're able to search for relevant communities without ever signing up to the platform.

How to use Unita

However, if you want to leave reviews you'll need to sign up.

Registering requires the normal information of name, email etc. And when you're going through the process you can choose to sign up as a member, or as a community founder.

if the latter, you're then able to add your own community to the directory for others to review.

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