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Verified allows its users to generate, buy, and sell NFTs
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Overview allows its users to generate, buy, and sell NFTs


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  • The platform has lots of interesting features
  • Supports multiple chains
  • Simple user interface


  • No fiat currency support


  • There are no hidden costs: At each stage, the platform provides fair and transparent offers and fees.
  • Membership Program: In this program, you can not only issue multiple NFTs but also receive up to 100% off buyer and seller fees.
  • Interoperability: As the first multi-chain NFT marketplace, they enable you to navigate multiple blockchains.
  • Payment options: The platform's initial payment methods will be $BNB and $HOD. According to its road map, it will then expand other multiple options.
  • Multichain platform; as the project grows, plans are in place to expand to compatible blockchains.





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What is, founded in 2021, has been meticulously designed and built to allow its users to generate, buy, and sell NFTs in a decentralized permissionless environment based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

The platform supports multiple blockchains, including the Binance Smart Chain. Their goal is to create a multi-chain platform that will eventually include Binance Smart Chain and other suitable blockchains.

The platform's services are supported by the HOD token, the platform's own cryptocurrency. HOD can be used to make payments, enroll in the platform's tiered Membership Program, earn Staking Rewards, and gain access to exclusive NFTs.

The success of e-marketplace platforms like Facebook Marketplace shows that users are ready to migrate to platforms that allow for more reasonable pricing and commission rates, allow buyers and sellers to negotiate more freely, and make the impact of user reputation and trustworthy reviews more relevant.

To create an auction listing, a user only needs to submit digital content such as photographs, select a blockchain network, and configure the NFT. The platform is not limited to art-style NFTs; they have a broad roadmap and will include the ability to buy and sell eBooks, Internet coupons, Electronic tickets, games, and collectibles. is compatible with all blockchains and is available to all users. They do not intend to limit their services to a single blockchain, but rather to provide their customers and the entire blockchain ecosystem with a cross-compatible e-marketplace. In response to user requests, research into Chain, Polkadot Chain, and others is currently underway. will launch a research and development plan to enable users to employ cross-platform perpetual royalties.

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