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NIle X

Nile X is an NFT shares exchange.
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NIle X


Nile X is an NFT shares exchange that allows users to buy, sell, earn, and govern blue chip NFT assets.

It allows people to invest in and own part of blue chi[p NFT assets from as little as $1. In addition, the Nile X platform has a full exchange which allows people to make use of their fractional ownership model.

NIle X


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NIle X

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NIle X
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NIle X
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  • Opens the world of NFT investing for those unable to invest lots of money
  • Allows friendship groups to co-own assets


  • New tech


  • Liquid trading
  • NFT exchange
  • NFT index


NIle X




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NIle X

NIle X


What is Nile X?

Nile X is an NFT shares exchange that allows users to buy parts of popular NFTs.

Users are able to own a shares of an NFT by investing as little as $1.

Nile X enables this through an exchange which enables users to buy, sell, trade, and govern their blue-chip NFT assets.

What problem does Nile X solve?

The world of NFTs blew up in 2021.

So much so that a lot of the most popular and utility focused collections became completely unattainable for the common person. Most people don't have mid 5 or 6-figures to invest in an NFT.

And thanks to the very volatile nature of any blockchain investments, a lot of people who could invest were scared off from throwing substantial amounts into the industry.

This is bad not only because it prevents people from investing in goods that could generate a positive return, but it disincentivises new creators from pursuing NFT collections as a revenue stream or business model.

By making NFTs more affordable for the average person, there should be more investment and engagement in the community.

This is what Nile X is attempting to enable.

their fractional ownership model means people whoa re unable or unwilling to throw large sums of money into NFTs have the opportunity to do so by purchasing a % of the full thing.

This dramatically lowers the risk and also enables those with less capital to get involved.

But it still means all parties are ready to collect the potential upsides of any gains.

How to get started with Nile X

At the time of writing, Nile X is in closed beta.

They seem to have a good roadmap but we'll update this section once they've launched and we can try it out.

Nile X roadmap

Nile X contact

If you want to get in contact with Nile X, you can find some contact details on their website or reach out throught he below.

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