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Absolute Labs

Absolute Labs is a Web3 CRM. They explain themselves as a wallet relationship management platform.
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Absolute Labs


Absolute Labs is a SaaS Wallet Relationship Management platform.

It offers a similar service to a traditional Web 2.0 CRM, however, it does so through Web3 wallet addresses bringing customer relationship management up-to-speed with modern web engagement.

The service allows multiple decentralized brands to drive the entire customer relationship in one platform.

Absolute Labs


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Absolute Labs

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Absolute Labs
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  • Automation for Web3 onboarding
  • Detailed data on customer engagement


  • New tech


  • Automated Airdops and cross-channel campaigns
  • Segment 250M wallet profiles for personalized comms


Absolute Labs




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Absolute Labs

Absolute Labs


Absolute Labs


What is Absolute Labs

Absolute Labs is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform built specifically for Web3.

It bills itself as a customer engagement and growth platform and gives itself the acronym WRM - which we assume stands for wallet relationship manager.

At its core, Absolute Labs offers marketers and growth teams the ability to better understand their audience and derive useful insights and actions for their engagement.

What problem does Absolute labs solve?

The use of wallets in Web3 makes it a little more difficult for existing analytics and customer relationship management platforms to track, and engage a user base.

As fewer people use an email address to link their account, communication has become more difficult.

Key marketing activities like...

  • Onboarding for new users
  • Sales for potential customers
  • Re-engagement campaigns
  • Notifications of new developments

... have all become more complex as there's often no point of contact once someone only links their wallet.

Absolute Labs helps brands overcome this problem.

Their WRM allows brands to segment their audience to find the right people, and then run different campaigns to keep the community engaged and moving in the right direction.

How to get started with Absolute Labs?

You can get started with Absolute Labs by going to their website and clicking on the "Get a live Demo" link in the Nav bar.

You'll be asked a few details to fill out.

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Fill out your details and the Absolute team will be in touch to organise a time for a live demo.

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Absolute Labs