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Guild enables automation for Web3 memberships across the platforms your community already uses.
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Guild is a system that allows brands to build a tokenized guild.

Guild is platform agnostic, but integrates with the platforms your community already uses. With Guild, you're able to automate key community growth actions including rewards and security.



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  • Platform agnostic
  • Free and gasless creation of guild



  • Token enabled membership
  • Phishing attack security
  • Real-time query engine
  • Composable membership requirements






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What is Guild?

Guild is a platform agnostic membership management tool that helps Web3 brands manage and grow their community.

With Guild, you're able to automate a lot of key tasks as well as implement growth incentives like tiered memberships, rewards, and membership requirements.

What problem does Guild solve? 

Growing an engaged, trustworthy community has never been easy.

You've not only got to worry about actually attracting new people, but attracting the right people and ensuring they're contributing to the community.

A lack of oversight and control leads to a tonne of problems.

In Web3, we've seen extremely costly phishing attacks focus on duping people via a community.

It's not just a Web3 thing through. Anyone who's been a member of a community on Facebook or a private Web 2.0 community can attest to the number of spam, scam, and absolutely useless items shared on a daily basis.

Communities with no oversight are absolutely unusable.

But how are you supposed to manage and grow a community when it's spread across several platforms and you want/need as many people as possible to join?

This is what Guild is working to solve.

Guild introduces a number of automation measures to make your community more appealing and easier to run.

In addition to the membership requirements and token enabled membership, they have features in place to reduce phishing attacks and keep your community clean and useful.

How to get started with Guild

If you want to join a guild, simply head to the home page and click on "Explore Guilds". This will take you to the "Guildhall". Sync your wallet and you'll be able to see which guilds you've already joined and search for new guilds to join.

How to use Guild

If you want to create a guild, head back to the homepage and click on "Create a Guild".

From here, you'll be asked to choose which platform you want to create your guild on (or link an existing community to" Choose the one most relevant for your needs.

How to use

Follow the steps to integrate Guild's bot and then follow the prompts to set up your own community.

Guild contact details

You can contact the Guild team through their wesbtie or through one of the below channels.

Guild Twitter

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