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Web3 native customer support software, think 'Zendesk for web3'
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Mava is a web3 native customer support platform that lets you easily support your community across multiple channels (Discord, website, Telegram, Twitter). Think 'Zendesk for web3'.



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  • Integrates with Discord, website chat, Telegram & Twitter
  • Powerful customer support automations & AI tools (e.g. AI can auto-respond to commonly asked questions)
  • Customer support analytics dashboard (Ticket volumes, response times, customer feedback scores etc.)
  • On-chain information within the customer support dashboard


  • No mobile app (mobile app currently being developed)
  • No Email integration (plan to add this in the future)


  • Consolidate customer support tickets into one team dashboard
  • Use their AI bot to automatically respond to commonly asked questions in your public Discord server
  • Automatically see a users wallet address and view on-chain data within the support dashboard
  • Fully custom chatbot setup, including auto-tagging, category assignment and much more






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What is Mava?

Mava is building a next-generation customer support platform for web3 organizations.

Mava will enable you to seamlessly support your community across multiple channels (your website, Discord, Telegram, Twitter etc.) from one powerful and secure dashboard.

Moreover, Mava will provide an instant overview of a user's on-chain activity in order to streamline support queries. Think 'Intercom for web3'.

Mava also offers a number of powerful AI features, including the ability for Mava to automatically respond to repetitive questions in public Discord channels.

Mava is already being used by zkSync, Gitcoin DAO, Trader Joe, NFTfi, Perpetual Protocol, Unbound and many more.

What problem does Mava solve?

Ask any customer support specialist and they'll tell you that automation and speed of response is key. the problem is as many new Web3 brands emerge, or Web 2.0 brands explore Web3, there are a lack of tools to help brands engage their community and offer supprt in a streamlined way.

Mava helps overcome this by offering the following.

  • Organize and managed support across multiple social platforms and your website from one place
  • Native Discord integration (Not provided by web2 companies such as Zendesk or Intercom)
  • Customer support analytics across all social platforms (Ticket volumes, response times, customer feedback scores etc.)
  • Automate repetitive tasks, such as categorizing and tagging tickets or answering FAQs

Who uses Mava?

Anyone running a web3 community (Game, DEX, Protocol, NFT project etc.) could benefit from Mava.

Mava is already being used by zkSync, Gitcoin DAO, Trader Joe, NFTfi, Perpetual Protocol, Unbound, CPG and many more.

What are Mava's use cases?

Mava is designed to effectively provide, track, automate and scale omnichannel customer support for web 3 communities.

Whether that's responding to commonly asked questions, providing a robust and highly automated ticketing solution, or analyzing customer support metrics.

How to get started with Mava

Head over to the Mava website 'Try Mava' to get started straight away, or 'Book Demo' to speak with a member of the team and with setup assistance.

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