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Blocksee brings the tried and true utility of CRMs into Web3 with a no-code solution.

The brand enables web3 marketing & community management so that Web2 and Web3 brands to are able to effectively leverage blockchain technology without compromising communication.



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Free starter tools then tiered pricing starting at $99/mo with higher pricing for enterprise clients
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  • Easy to use
  • Lead gen & web3 marketing tools
  • Automated profiles for your crypto/ NFT community


  • Currently limited to ethereum & polygon projects


  • Wallet based user profiles
  • NFT ticketing and airdrop marketing
  • Lead gen/ community analytics






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What is BlockSee?

BlockSee is a Web3 CRM aiming to help brands already working within Web3 or Web 2.0 brands looking to better manage communications across the decentralized web.

Blocksee's focus is on improving the marketing capabilities of those looking to leverage blockchain. To help with this, they include several Web3 specific features including....

  • Token gated experiences
  • Wallet-to-wallet communications
  • Airdrops
  • Detailed analytics

And all of this can be managed from an easy to navigate dashboard.

What problem does BlockSee solve?

Communications infrastructure in Web3 needs some work.

A lot of projects default to Discord which is a real mess to keep organised and to manage effective brand communications.

Even the user-to-user comms in Discord are easy to miss.

While a lot of Web 2.0 CRMs have the functionality to integrate with some social platforms, few link to Discord and make the management of communications easier.

It's even harder for those CRMs as most Web3 users link to brand sites with a wallet, not an email address.

What ends up happening is that brands have a lot of wallet addresses but no way to effectively contact them. So they revert back to Discord and send an @everyone announcement hoping that everyone sees it.

Few people do.

BlockSee is looking to help solve this by adding Web3 native functionality into a CRM so that brands can better understand who their users are and what it is they want.

They take the complexity out of brand communications across channels and platforms that are difficult to manage manually.

Who uses BlockSee?

BlockSee is generally used by agencies in the Web3 space who offer marketing and communication services to their clients.

While there are some projects who use it themselves, their key demographic are the agencies servicing multiple Web3 projects.

What are BlockSee's key use cases?

BlockSee's users generally use them for...

  • Audience segmentation
  • Customer profiling and research
  • Communications management

How to get started with BlockSee?

BlockSee is currently only available for brands who are a good fit for the product.

As such, to sign up you'll need to go through a simple consultation.

Head tot he Blocksee site and look for the "Book a Demo" link in the top nav bar.

Click that and book a time to talk to the team.

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