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Sesame Labs

Sesame is a marketing platform for web3
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Sesame Labs


Sesame Labs is a Web3 marketign platform that helps blockchain and decentralised brands manage marketing camapaigns across multiple channels.

Sesame Labs


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Sesame Labs

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Sesame Labs
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  • User friendly 
  • Empowering startups to expand their user base.


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  • Drive user engagement 
  • Unlock users insight 


Sesame Labs




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Sesame Labs

Sesame Labs


What is Sesame Labs?

Sesame is a platform that rewards and creates recognition for your brand consumer. By recognizing them, you can increase their loyalty  & ensure that they continue to support your brand, by recognizing, empowering, mobilizing, and rewarding them.

Sesame is for founders, Brand Leaders, or Marketing Leaders.

What problem Sesame Labs solve?

Sesame builds  a decentralized engagement network that allow private, rich, and trusted engagement between people and dApps, which helps to; 

  • Generate mas brand awareness & build a loyal fanbase
  • Easily research your market & gain valuable insights
  • Give your superfans a voice at the table
  • Increase sales and profitability

What can Sesame Labs be used for?

Sesame can be used in innovative ways to engage with customers, build awareness, grow customer base, and increase retention

  • Easily create tiered badges (NFTs)
  • Add privileges and permissions
  • Award, sell or distribute them to your fans

Who uses Sesame Labs?

Sesame is available for every crypto user, developers and investors 

How to get started?

Visit the sesame  official website and request access to join the web3 community.

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Sesame Labs