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Commsor provides several tools to help community led brands educate and engage their audience.
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Commsor is a full-stack community brand offering multiple tools to help others more effectively engage and grow their community.

The Commsor toolkit includes tools to help with education, automation and engagement, services, and they even have their own community for better assistance.



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  • One tool to handle all key aspects of community engagement and growth


  • Quite expensive


  • Analysis tools
  • CRM for member overview
  • Automations
  • Segmentation
  • Community event management






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What is Commsor?

Commsor is a full-stack community management tool.

Its tool suite includes features to help community managers and project founders to better understand, analyse, and engage their audience so they can make more informed decisions on growth.

Commsor is split into two key elements:

  1. CommsorOs - This is the "operating system" of your community. Commsor includes multiple tools to help you engage and grow your commmunity.
  2. Meetsy - This helps you better connect the people within your community to foster stronger ties.

What problem does Commsor solve?

Growing a community for your Web3 brand is something of a double edged sword.

It's incredible as you bring together a group of people with a shared vision.

I theory, that should give you a stable base to build from and offer a real benefit to each and every person in the community.

However, the reality is a little different. Mainly because the commonly used platforms like Discord and Telegram become overwhelming and cumbersome as a community grows.

With just a few hundred people in your community, it's almost impossible to find specific questions and answers or track threads you're interested in.

Which is why better community management tools are needed.

Commsor's full stack community management suite is making the issue of managing a growing community while keeping them engaged much easier.

With Commsor, you're able to understand who the most engaged people within your community are and understand what is best resonating with your audience.

These insights are key to identifying who to engage with and what to share.

With their Meetsy offer, you can also give control back to the community. Most Web3 communities are simply there for the announcements tab. But Meetsy helps people within your community better engage and connect with one another. Thus creating more of an actual community.

How to get started with Commsor

As Commsor is more of an enterprise tool, there's no self-serve option to get started with CommsorOs.

Head to their site and click on the "Products" tab in the nav bar.

How to get started with Commsor

From there, click on CommsorOS. You'll see the bel;ow page where you can learn more or request a demo.

How to get started with CommsorOS

You'll be asked a number of questions to book the demo. Fill this out and wait for your alloted demo time.

Request a Commsor demo

If you want to try Meetsy, you can do that for free. From the Commsor home page, click on "Poducts" then on Meetsy.

On this page you'll see an option to try it for free.

How to get started with Meetsy

You'll be asked to create a group. Follow the prompts to see what happens in the Meetsy dashboard.

how to get started with Commsor's meetsy

Commsor contact details

You can contacts the Commsor team through their website or through one of the below channels.\

Commsor Twitter

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