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Spock Analytics

Spock Analytics is a platform that helps dapps get on and off-chain data on their users' actions.

Spock Analytics


Spock Analytics is a Web3 analytics platform.

It's a Web3 self-service digital platform that collects and organizes critical insights from on & off-chain data. That data includes your product user journey for your decentralized applications. All of this ois brought together into one dashboard to help dapp builders make more informed and impactful decisions.

Spock Analytics


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Spock Analytics

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Spock Analytics
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  • Detailed on and off-chain data
  • Multiple forms of data collected


  • New service


  • User journey tracking
  • Token utility tracked
  • Wallet profiling


Spock Analytics




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Spock Analytics

Spock Analytics


Spock Analytics


What is Spock Analytics?

Spock Analytics is an analytics platform built specifically for Web3.

The focus of Spock is on the wallets who sync to dapps and then the actions those users take when interacting with the dapp.

Unlike many analytics platforms that simply track basic usage, Spock offers detailed insights into multiple areas that can help dapp owners improve their offering.

not only will the dapp owners be able to understand how people are interacting with their dapp, but they'll also be able to see the user journey and token utility of people who sync their app to the dapp in question.

What problem does Spock Analytics solve?

One of the primary problems with Web3 dapps is the inability to understand how people are using what's created.

We've entered a stage where dapp founders and builders are making decisions on gut instinct rather than detailed feedback from users.

Tools like Spock Analytics will help dapp developers create more useful tools thanks to the insight and information it can provide.

Developers will be able to identify points of friction that need to be ironed out, understand which features their users get most value from, and easily identify who their best and most engaged users are.

All of this opens countless new marketing, growth, and improvement opportunities to dapps serious about making a positive impact.

How to get started with Spock Analytics.

Implementing Spock requires some technical knowledge so you'll need a developer to. implement it on your site.

First, head to the site and click the register button. You'll find yourself on a sign up page. This is handled with email rather than a wallet sync.

How to use Spock analytics

Sign up using your email or Google account. Once done, you'll be sent to a page to create your project (you can also view a demo account).

Set up a new project in spock analytics

Once done, you'll be told that for Spock to work you'll need to implement their SDK.

There's a page with all of the information your developer will need to enable Spock within your dapp.

Spock Analytics SDK setup

Follow the instructions and you should then be able to collect data from your users in Spock's dashboard.

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Spock Analytics