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Third Wave

Thirdwave is a company that provides a Growth Platform for Web3 to help game developers find, understand and retain their customers .
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Third Wave


Thirdwave offers business insights, wallet intelligence, and targeted advertising to grow games. It provides key infrastructure and tools to drive growth .

Third Wave


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Third Wave

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Third Wave
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Third Wave
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  • Provides key infrastructure and tools to drive growth
  • Offers a unified growth platform for Web3
  • Provides well-researched, high-quality information


  • Limited track record
  • Watilist


  • Insights+ to benchmark your game against competitors and the blockchain gaming ecosystem
  • Wallet Intelligence to capture a full understanding of the players in your game
  • Thirdwave Ads to acquire and retain your best players


Third Wave




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Third Wave

Third Wave


Third Wave


What is Thirdwave? 

Thirdwave is a company that provides web3 projects with key infrastructure and tools to drive growth .

What problem does Thirdwave solve? 

Thirdwave solves the problem of traditional blockchain analytics focusing on financial metrics, fraud prevention, and aggregated platform activity. These are not the insights that will enable blockchain projects to grow 

Who uses Thirdwave? 

Web3 projects use Thirdwave to gain analytics and insights to understand their customers and the actions that accelerate their growth .

What can Thirdwave be used for? 

Thirdwave can be used for benchmarking games against competitors and the blockchain gaming ecosystem, capturing a full understanding of players in games, and acquiring and retaining players through web3-native ads .

How to get started with Thirdwave? 

To get started with Thirdwave, one can visit their website and explore their products or book a demo .

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Third Wave