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Block Survey

Block Survey is a privacy-focused customer questionnaire platform
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Block Survey


Block Survey brings the incredibly useful polling and questionnaire functionality many brands need to implement up to Web3 privacy standards.

You can set up forms and surveys which are completely encrypted and that don't have any hidden trackers or ads.

Block Survey


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Block Survey


Block Survey


What is Block Survey?

Block Survey is a forms and survey tool built with privacy in mind.

The forms and surveys created through Block Survey are completely encrypted. Meaning that the data collected is secure and safe from prying eyes.

The Block Survey team says that their platform has no ads, no cookies, and no tracking scripts that could compromise security.

What problem does Block Survey solve?

Forms and surveys offer huge benefits to brands.

Not only does the gamification create a great lead generation source, but you're able to gather incredibly useful information on who your ideal customers are, what they want, and gather insights into how you can improve your offering.

The problem is that forms and surveys can easily be abused for extra monetary gain.

The data collected can easily be sold to other companies for their own research.

And thanks to their high engagement rate, ads, tracking scripts, and cookies can be abused. Often to more easily build marketing audiences to serve ads to, but sometimes more seriously they can be used for more nefarious attacks.

Block Survey understands both the value and risk of these forms.

They've built a fully encrypted survey and form platform that still collects incredibly useful information, but without exposing user data to unnecessary risks.

They're bringing the privacy Web3 demands into one of the most useful forms of audience research.

How to get started with Block Survey

You can sign up to try Block Survey for free. Head to their site and click the "sign up for Free" in the top nav bar.

You'll have multiple sign up options available. Choose the one you're most comfortable with.

How to use Block Survey

You'll be asked to confirm your account and then have a chance to copy or download your Block Survey seed phrase. Make sure you keep it safe.

You'll then go through a simple onboarding questionnaire. Once complete, you'll find yourself in the Block Survey dashboard where you canset up your first survey.

How to get started with Block Survey

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You can contact the Block Survey team through their site or through one of the below channels.

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