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Orbit is a detailed tool suite helping brands grow & strengthen their community.
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Orbit offers an array of tools to help Web3 brands better manage and grow the communities at the core of their offer.

With Orbit, you're able to automate key tasks, create team notes on key leads, and measure the impact of your community actions amongst others.



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  • Integrates with most Web3 native community platforms
  • Detailed data
  • Free plan


  • Plan prices jump rapidly for heavier users


  • Task automation
  • User engagement data
  • Segmentation data
  • Multiple integrations






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What is Orbit?

Orbit provides community managers and founders with a suite of tools to better manage and grow their community.

Orbit is part CRM allowing you to manage the contacted within your community and part analytics platform giving you a detailed macro view of engagement and usage.

What problem does Orbit solve?

Community is king in Web3.

A lot of successful projects can attribute their rise primarily to the community they've built and the engagement these people provide them.

A good community offers insight into how the project should be developed, assistance with promotion, and sometimes even financial help for improvements.

The problem though lies with many of the community platforms preferred for Web3.

Discord and Telegram are useful, but most community members only use them for the announcements feature.

Conversations are hard to manage as both are almost a firehose of information that's hard to sift and sort through.

It's not an ideal situation for the community, but it's even harder for brands to then identify their best users and figure out which suggestions and conversations are resonating with a large segment of the community.

This is what Orbit is attempting to solve.

Orbit has a variety of tools that allow community first brands to identify, understand, and engage with their community members.

In one dashboard community managers and project founders can identify their top members, get a macro view of community engagement and growth, and even add notes to certain members so the team knows who to approach for feedback and help.

How to get started with Orbit

Head to the Orbit website and click "Get Started" in the top nav bar. You'll be asked to sign up with your email address, through Google, or through Github.

How to get started with Orbit

You'll then be asked to enter the details of your project and community.

How to use Orbit

once this is done, you'll find yourself int he Orbit dashboard where you'll be able to set up your tracking and campaigns.

Orbit contact details

You can reach out to the Orbit team on their website, or through one of the below channels.

Orbit Twitter

Orbit LinkedIn

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