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Third Society

Third Society is an analytics tool that helps community managers and founders get more insights from their community.
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Third Society


Third Society is an analytics platform built for Web3 communities.

It assists community managers and project leaders to gain better insights from the platforms their community uses, so they're able to engage more effectively, identify best memebrs, and drive better results.

Third Society


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Third Society

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Third Society
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  • Built specifically for Web3 communities


  • Still in closed beta


  • Consolidated dashboard
  • Detailed data analytics


Third Society




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Third Society

Third Society


Third Society


What is Third Society?

Third Society is analytics platform built specifically for Web3 communities.

It enables community managers and project leaders to receive better data and insights into how their community is engaging. This enables the team to make more informed decisions about how to grow and what their audience most wants from them.

What problem does Third Society solve?

There's a large selection of analytics tools on the market, none of the established players are able to pull detailed data from private communities in places like Discord and Telegram.

For a brand to make informed decisions and offer a better service, they need to have access into engagement data and understand what their community likes, dislikes, and wants ot see from the team.

A detailed analytics platform that helps marketers and community managers understand how people are engaging is key.

Third Society offers the kind of data and analytics platform that's needed to understand your community and help you make more infomred decisions about how to better grow.

How to get started with Third Society

It's currently not known how you can get started with Third Society.

The project is in closed beta.

However, you can put yourself on the wait list by going to their site and signing up for the waitlist.

How to contact Third Society

You can contact the Third Society team through the main website, or through the below social channels.

Third Society Twitter

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Third Society