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Guarda wallet is a non-custodial and multi-signature crypto wallet that supports multiple coins and their token including BTC, Ethereum-based token and others.
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Guarda wallet is a non-custodial and multi-signature crypto wallet. It supports multiple tokens and currencies. It also allows you to stake, earn, and buy these currencies through their own dashboard.



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  • All keys are managed by the user
  • Available on iOS, Android, window and Linux
  • In-app decentralized exchange
  • Available staking options
  • Hardware wallet supported



  • Guardar wallet supports diverse range of digital assets, allowing users to sell, swap, purchase, stake, loan  cryptocurrencies and explore Dapps
  • All private data are stored by user
  • Top-notch security of multiple private keys (multi-sig) and rigorously audited contracts
  • Multi currency, cross-platform, and non-custodial wallet






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What is Guarda?

Guarda wallet is a non-custodial and multi-signature wallet that supports multiple coins and their token. It provides solutions for modern crypto management with ease. With a single app, users can stake, purchase instantly, exchange at the best rate, get crypto loans and add an extra security layer with multi-signature.

Guarda wallet was founded in 2017 by Paul Sokolov, focused on decentralization, custody-free cryptocurrency management and privacy solutions.

What problem does Guarda solve?

With the increase in the vulnerability of crypto wallets to foreign invaders, Guarda wallet provides top-notch security to users by building a multi-sig security system that alleviates the security concerns associated with a single private key mechanism.

One of the key priorities of Guarda is to make sure that only owners can access their funds. Guadar does not store users' private keys, backup files, or any other data on her servers. All private data is stored only by the users.

What can Guarda be used for?

Aside from providing security for users' assets, users can;  

  • Buying cryptocurrency: Guadar wallet allows users to purchase over 400 digital assets with credit or debit cards, send or stake crypto and secure them using Ledger 
  • Exchange cryptocurrency: it creates a fast way to exchange any cryptocurrency assets without registration or KYC. 
  • Instant loan for users

Who uses Guarda?

The argent wallet is readily available for all cryptocurrency users for staking, storing assets and easy interaction with Dapps.

How to get started with Guarda

Guarda wallet is available on iOS and Android devices and also on browser extensions. Download the Guadar wallet on your favourite device, click on create wallet to get a new private security key will be generated and your wallet will be set. You can also import existing wallets with your private key.

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