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Mash Lightning Wallet

A Mobile Lightning wallet for Android & iOS without app store control

Mash Lightning Wallet


The Mash Mobile Lightning Wallet App, built as a progressive web-app, frees users from the constraints of traditional app stores, meaning Apple and Google can’t censor your experience or control your sats.

Mash Lightning Wallet


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Mash Lightning Wallet

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Mash Lightning Wallet
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  • It takes under a minute to get started
  • Has a smart QR scanner
  • Lightning Addresses for all
  • Supports all core functionality for lightning interoperability,



  • Get started in a minute, with an easy to use user interfaces.
  • No app store required. Download it right from your home-screen and use it how you want without needing big-techs approvals
  • Lightning Address + Smart QR scanner to pay and receive funds with a single scan


Mash Lightning Wallet




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Mash Lightning Wallet

Mash Lightning Wallet


Mash Lightning Wallet


What is Mash Wallet?

Mash provides you with a digital wallet to enjoy and support amazing experiences, without requiring a download or locking you in. All through Bitcoin Lightning.

Use Mash anywhere and everywhere, with the desktop wallet, or by adding the mobile bitcoin lightning web app to your mobile home screen. Add the Mash Wallet App on iOS and Android devices without any of those pesky app store restrictions – in less than minute.

What problem does Mash Wallet solve?

The Mash wallet makes using Lightning easy, wherever and however you want to — know matter your experience level.Who uses your project? Anyone who doesn't want to deal with the big-tech app store restrictions, control, or censorship — who is looking for an easy to use lightning wallet that supports all core functionality for lightning interoperability.

What are Mash Wallet's key use cases?

Instantly receive and send money anywhere. Send your money to other wallets, friends, or exchanges – even as little as $0.01.

How to get started with Mash Wallet?

Easily download and save it to your home screen in under a minute, right from your mobile phone at

Year Founded: 
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Mash Lightning Wallet