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Wallet guard

Wallet guard is a security companion for your self-custody wallet of choice.

Wallet guard


Wallet Guard is a Web3 wallet security app. It's an open-source extension designed to simplify transactions & security.

With Wallet Guard, users get a warning if they're about to interact with a potentially dangerous smart contract.

Wallet guard


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Wallet guard

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Wallet guard
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  • Compatible with all browser extension
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  • Available only for browser wallet


  • Multi-Layered Defense
  • Proactive URL Scanning


Wallet guard




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Wallet guard

Wallet guard


Wallet guard


What is Wallet Guard?

Wallet Guard is a security companion for your self-custody wallet of choice.

With the high rate of losing crypto assets to scammers, Wallet Guard helps detect suspicious activity and give notifications to users before a bad actor can get to your crypto asset. It helps you stay safe from even browsing sites containing malware.

What problem does Wallet Guard solve?

Wallet guard provides solutions to crypto asset theft by protecting your wallet against phishing attempts, websites with low trust, unverified  marketplaces, fraudulent activities.

What can Wallet Guard be used for?

Wallet Guard can be used to verify web3 marketplaces, NFTs, and DApps, human readable transaction insights, and gives warnings on malicious transactions, signatures and malicious extension detection.

Who uses Wallet Guard?

Anyone with a crypto wallet and crypto asset can incorporate wallet Guard to their wallet and fortify her.

How to get started with Wallet Guard

Visit Wallet Guard websites and click on "Add to browser"

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