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Qubit wallet

A popular Web3 wallet for gaming.
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Qubit wallet


The Qubit wallet is designed with games studios in mind, offering a range of features that make users focusing on what matters the most: having a good game!  Available for all EVM-compatible chains.

Qubit wallet


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Qubit wallet

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Qubit wallet
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Qubit wallet




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Qubit wallet

Qubit wallet


Qubit wallet


What is Qubit wallet?

Qubit wallet is the smart contract wallet for web3 games. By using Account Abstraction, qubit optimises the gaming experience.

Qubit understands that, as a gamer, what you really care about is playing the game. Moreover, part of the magic of web3 gaming is owning your gaming assets and having control of what's yours.

However, to get there gamers need to go through the hassle of setting up and maintaining a wallet. This is something you didn't sign up for when you decided to start playing a game.

That's why  Qubit focuses on building the best UX for the users by using the latest technology while doubling down on security.

Qubit allows users to create a wallet by just using their Gmail credentials or phone number. In seconds you'll have a non-custodial wallet.

While you will always be the sole custodian of your assets, you will never have to risk losing the seed phrase or not accessing your wallet again. Qubit provides multi-chain support so the user can play games in different EVM-compatible networks using a single wallet.

You can pay for transaction fees in other ERC-20 tokens besides ETH. You won't need to keep an ETH balance to cover costs of transaction anymore.Visualise all your NFTs open per game in your wallet.

What problem does Qubit solve?

When your wallet is created, 3 separate pieces of the key are created.

For each transaction to be approved 2 of 3 would need to come together to approve it. This is called a multi-sig, where multiple signatures are needed for a transaction to go through. If the 1/3-key you have stored in the front-end of you wallet is compromised, don't worry, no one can access the assets within the wallet.

This also means that if a 1/3 is compromised, the other 2 can be used to regain access and regenerate the one that was compromised. Never again fear of your assets being drained.You can select how much access you wanna give to a game. Through session keys, select what  assets and for how long you wanna give access to any game.

Who uses Qubit?

Qubit is primarily utilized by web3 gamers and web3 game studios.

These individuals and organizations are at the forefront of the blockchain revolution in the gaming industry. They are tech-savvy, innovative, and eager to explore the potential of decentralized technologies.

Web3 gamers are players who value digital ownership, transparency, and the potential for real-world earnings in their gaming experiences. Web3 game studios, on the other hand, are developers and companies that create these immersive, blockchain-powered gaming experiences.

They are pioneering the integration of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized systems into the gaming world.

What are Qubit's key use cases?

Qubit Wallet is built exclusively for gamers,

Qubit focuses on ease of use and takes into consideration that an average gamer in non crypto native. AA allows Qubit to abstract away all the crypto terms.

Therefore with QubitUser gets a non custodial smart wallet2 of 3 multi sig smart wallet makes sure that even if one signer is compromised, the funds are safe, Session keys act like a virtual wall between the wallet assets and the assets the game is allowed to useIf any signer is lost or compromised, it can be regeneratedMultiple transactions eg. buying of NFT is batches can be done

How would a user get started with your project?

Head to the Qubit website and sign up to get started with Qubit wallet.

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Qubit wallet