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Prokey Optimum

A good entry-level hardware wallet
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Prokey Optimum


A good entry-level hardware wallet

Prokey Optimum


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Prokey Optimum

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Prokey Optimum
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  • Easy to use
  • Uses firmware to ensure security
  • Highly secured


  • Must have a web interface to transact
  • Not as established as some other players


  • Universally compactible
  • Potable
  • Multi currency support
  • USB


Prokey Optimum




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Prokey Optimum

Prokey Optimum


What is Prokey?

Founded in 2019, Prokey is a hardware wallet with which you can receive, save and sign Crypto transactions. It is an open source project available to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, etc in a secure offline environment, completely isolated from the internet and its dangers.

The hardware wallet is particular about the safety of Crypto therefore it focuses on the development of security products and solutions around cryptocurrencies problems to make trading easier. It has a secure firmware that is protected from attacks.

In addition, a USB connection is used to send the confirmation messages, which means your seed phrase will never leave your Prokey device.  Prokey optimum is sized at 50mm x 41mm x 9.4mm & weighs 16.7 gram, very potable. The hardware wallet provide you a 100% web-based wallet to manage your all assets hence no need to install any application.

Furthermore, all transactions are carried out if you only confirm on your Prokey device after seeing the traded amount and the receiving address. They are secured by design and protected against supply chain attacks. 

Setting up your Prokey device only takes a few minutes and transactions are much easier. All you have to do is connect it to the Prokey wallet, a Web enabled browser interface, and then you can easily carry out your transactions. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. On purchase, the hardware wallet comes with a Prokey Optimum device, 2 USB cables, one to attach to the device and a longer one for easement.

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