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tiiik Money

tiiik is a digital wallet that allows users to grow, spend and earn stablecoins
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tiiik Money


tiiik is a new take on digital wallets that allows you to grow, spend, and earn on the stablecoins you hold.

Up to this point, using stablecoins has been a problem for many crypto natives, tiiik aims to make it easier for people to use their stablecoins in the real world with several different options.

tiiik Money


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tiiik Money

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tiiik Money
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  • Allows users to stake and or use their coins
  • Up to 5% interest
  • Use stablecoins in real world purchases


  • New tech


  • Stablecoin debit card
  • Reward system
  • Fiat on/off ramp


tiiik Money




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tiiik Money

tiiik Money


tiiik Money


What is tiiik money?

tiiik is a Web3 digital wallet that focuses on stablecoins. The wallet allows you to grow, spend, and earn stablecoins from your wallet balance.

Here's how they explain the different elements of their offer.

  • Grow - Accure interest and get paid daily without a lock-in period.
  • Spend - tiiik offer a stablecoin card that can be used internationally. \
  • Earn - you get rewards for growing your balance, spending at your favorite stores and referring friends.

What problem does tiiik money solve?

tiiik solves a couple of problems. One primary problem they solve is with crypto holdings, the other with legacy financial institutions.

In terms of crypto, it's a very complex world.

The majority of average people won't be able to get their head around using something like a CEX to to turn fiat to crypto and vice versa. let alone understand the complexities of staking and growing their crypto without simply buying more.

tiiik offers a simple dashboard where users can handle all of that from a single location.

IN terms of legacy financial institutions, there's till huge barriers when it comes to international spending.

If you spend any time in another country you know how difficult some banks make it to spend or withdraw money.

You often have to give prior notice and will be subjected to high international processing and exchange fees.

tiiik makes this all much easier.

How to get started with tiiik money

Head to the tiiik website and click on "open Wallet".

You'll be asked to enter some basic contact details on doing so.

How to get started with tiiik money

Follow the sign in steps and you'll be the proud new owner of a tiiik wallet.

Bear in mind tiiik is currently in Alpha with limited international roll outs.

More countries will be covered in time, but for now there is limited international availability.

tiiik money contact details

If you want to get in touch with the tiiik team, you can find contact details on their website.

Alternatively, you can reach out via the below.

tiiik Twitter

tiiik LinkedIn

tiiik Telegram

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Check out Tiiik Money here

tiiik Money