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Daylight helps Web3 users discover their wallet address’s abilities.
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With Daylight, Web3 users get better discoverability on what their wallet enables them to do. helps by notifying users of mints, airdrops, unlocks, votes, and more that they're eligible for.



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  • Helps people get more engaged with Web3
  • Simplifies discovery


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  • Distribute mints






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What is is a platform that helps users make the most of their Web3 wallet.

By notifying users of mints, airdrops, poaps, and more that they're eligible to, the user learns more about Web3 and projects see better engagement in their projects.

What problem does solve?

There's no doubt that the chatter in the Web3 industry has died down. And it's no more apparent than in some of the project communities.

As the hype in the industry has diminished, a lot of communities have seen the casual users exit.

It's great that there's still a core, loyal user base in many collections and communities. However, if we want to achieve mass adoption then we need to make sure new people are being added to project communities.

The problem with maintaining great engagement is thanks to the wallet based sign ups and Discord community focused communication.

In short, messages in Discord channels about upcoming releases or developments are easily overlooked.

All but the most hardcore community members are likely to miss key updates and progressions.

The result is projects releasing new features to only a small sub-set of their community as no one else knows about it.

Daylight is hoping to solve this.

With Daylight, anyone with a wallet can link it and get a better understanding of the assets and actions they're eligible to.

It makes the discovery side of Web3 super simple for even casual newbies. Which should help projects attract more users and understand how to better grow.

How to get started with Daylight?

Head to the Daylight site and click on "Connect wallet". After connecting your wallet, you'll be asked for an email address.

How to sign up to Daylight.

Add your best email and confirm by clicking on the link they send to you.

You'll now find yourself in the dashboard where you can see what you're eligible for and how to get it.

How to set up

Daylight contact details

You can contact the Daylight team through their site or through the below channels. Twitter

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