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Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics is an analytics platform that helps visualize blockchain data

Footprint Analytics


Footprint Analytics offers visualization tools to analyze data across the blockchain.

This includes NFT and GameFi data.

Footprint Analytics currently collects, parses, and cleans data from 20 chains easy to understand tables.

Users are able to use this data to build charts and dashboards without code.

Footprint Analytics


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Footprint Analytics

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Footprint Analytics
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  • Easy to use information


  • Only focused on GameFi and NFTs right now


  • No-code visualizations
  • Upload off-chain data
  • Download data
  • Excel like experience


Footprint Analytics




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Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics


Footprint Analytics


What is Footprint Analytics?

Footprint Analytics is a no-code anlaytics platform that offers users detailed data on GameFi and NFT data pulled from 20+ blockchains.

It differs from many analytics platforms in the space as it's built to be useful and used by those who are non-technical. The no-code, drag and drop interface makes it more accessible for non-technical Web3 parties to understand and analyze data.

What problem does Footprint Analytics solve?

The DeFi world is growing at an incredible rate.

However, there's one key problem that's stopping a lot of new people and brands entering the space.

There's a real difficulty when it comes to understanding what's happening in the space.

DeFi is one of the more complex areas of Web3. You've not only got to understand how the industry as a whole is changing, but also have to understand the more detailed elements like cross-chain transactions and movements.

While there are some great DeFi tools to help people trade with one another, there's currently a lack of easy to use tools that allow you to understand the DeFi ecosystem.

A lot of the analysts out there have to find and rely on very technical people to help them collect, clean, and format the data so they can better understand what's happening.

It's a huge bottleneck that dissuades many from helping out in the space.

This is what Footprint Analytics is looking to help solve.

They've built a no-code platform that collects on-chain data for GameFi and NFTs to help everyone get a fair chance at analysing data in the space.

How to get started with Footprint Analytics

Head to the Footprint Analytics site and then on "Create" int he top nav bar.

You'll be served the below light box popup.

How to get started with Footprint Analytics

Click on the option that you want to create, and you'll be asked to sign up with the below details.

How to sign up for Footprint Analytics

Sign up and you'll be directed to the former lightbox where you can choose a chart, SQL query, or dashboard.

Choose the one you want, and you'll be taken to the dashboard for that asset where a startup wizard will lead you through setting up the account.

How to set up a dashboard on Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics contacts

You can contact the Footprint Analytics team through their site or through the below channels.

Footprint Analytics Twitter

Footprint Analytics Telegram

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Footprint Analytics