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Carma Community is a tool suite to help brands grow their Web3 community
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Carma Community is a tool suite that gives community managers and founders deeper insight and control into how their community is growing.

It includes tools to track, automate, and engage with your community on Web3 preferred platforms.



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  • Integrates with popular web3 community platforms



  • Gated forms
  • Find Twitter influencers
  • Find collaboration opportunities
  • Translate Discord channels






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What is Carma Community?

Carma Community is a growth marketing tool suite that helps community managers and founders better engage and grow their Web3 community.

It includes a number of tools from analytics so you can understand your community to tools that help you automate your communications with them.

What problem does Carma Community solve?

Growing a community has always been hard.

Primarily because a lot of the analytics data you receive from established players like GA don't offer good data from within your community. There's a lot of detail leading up to the point of joining, but little beyond that.

In Web3 where community is key to growth, you need much better data sets.

You need to be able to identify your most engaged community members.

You need to understand who is engaging with valuable info rather than just spamming links.

You need to know what's working so you know how to double down on those most impactful actions.

Carma Community is helping to bridge that gap by offering analytics and insight from your community as well as providing several tools to help your community grow.

All of their tools integrate directly with key Web3 platforms and networks to make growing your audience easier.

How to get started with Carma Community

Head to the Carma site and click on the "Launch App" button in the top nav bar.

You'll be asked to either sync a wallet or sign up with email.

Follow the process most useful for you.

How to use Carma Community

Once you've synced your wallet or signed up, you'll be asked for details on your project.

How to use Carma Community

Add the details and you'll be into the main Carma dashboard.

How to get started with Carma Community

Carma Community contact

You can get in touch with the Carma Community team through their website or through the below channels.

Carma Community Twitter

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