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Privy manages user data off-chain so you can build products without siloing user data
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Privy acts as a bridge between your user data and their on-chain actions.

This enables the two elements to remain linked, but separate which should increase security.

With a few lines of code, developers are able to integrate sensitive user data into their product so they can improve experiences without compromising user data.



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  • Relatively simple implementation
  • Free tier to get started


  • Requires technical expertise
  • Quick scale up in pricing


  • Associate user data with on-chain data
  • Unified across a user’s various wallets without accidentally doxxing them
  • Take on KYC data without storing it on your stack






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What is Privy? 

Privy is an off-chain data store that aims to help developers secure their users' sensitive information.

With Privy, user data is encrypted end-to-end and only available to people who have the right access to it.

For the project or brand who has secured user data, Privy allows them to link the KYC data to blockchain addresses.

This gives the brand a good overview of who their users are without compromising their identity or risking doxxing.

What problem does Privy solve?

Blockchain is great as a public ledger.

That alone is going to solve a lot of problems.

The problem with having everything out in the open is that there's a real risk of doxxing people and their entire engagements with various chains.

If someone leaks the owner of a certain wallet, or even worse someone records your personal KYC information on-chain, your information is then available to anyone in the world.

Security and anonymity are core concepts in Web3.

It's difficult to secure user data in Web 2.0, but when public ledgers are involved there's a whole new layer of complexity.

Privy helps simplify this.

Privy helps Web3 brands store sensitive user information off chain. however, it also acts as a bridge between this data and Web3 wallet addresses.

Projects are able to see who is using their app without compromising their data enabling them to make more informed and safe decisions for improvements.

How to get started with Privy

Privy is currently in private beta so you're not able to just sign up. However, you can request access by following the below steps.

Head to the Privy site and click on the "Get Started" button. You'll land on the below page.

How to use Privy

Click "Continue" under the Private Beta notification.

This will open a short 2-minute Typeform form to reach out to the Privy team.

How to apply to Privy

Complete this and wait for the Privy team to reach out.

Privy contact details

You can contact the Privy team through their website or through one of the below channels.

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