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Blaze is a community-first CRM built for Web3 brands
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Blaze is a community first CRM that's been created ground up for Web3 brands.

With community at the heart of so many Web3 brands, Blaze offers functionality to check engagement, run campaigns, and see where you're getting the best engagement.



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  • Syncs with most Web3 community tools



  • User segmentation
  • Consolidated user profiles
  • Macro and micro data read outs



What is Blaze?

Blaze is a Web3 specific CRM that integrates with community management tools to help projects understand and grow their community.

Being purpose built for Web3 it syncs directly with popular community tools to help project leaders and marketers identify moist engaged users, create segments, and get detailed data on their growth strategy's success.

What problem does Blaze solve?

There's currently a huge hole in traditional analytics platforms data sets.

You're able to pull data from the way people interact with your website, how they engage on social media, and even within your app. But there's little to no data available for in-community engagement.

As community is the core of many successful Web3 projects, this lack of data is a real detriment to project leaders and marketers in the space.

Blaze is working to fill that hole.

With Blaze project leaders and marketers get detailed insights into their community so they can make more informed decisions on growth and marketing strategy.

How to get started with Blaze

Blaze is a tool that requires you to book a demo with the team to understand.

If you're interested in learning more, head to the Blaze site and click on "Book a Demo" in the nav bar.

From there you'll be taken to a Calendly booking form.

How to get started with Blaze CRM

From there, book a time to chat with the rep and see what Blaze can do for you.

Blaze contact details

If you want to contact Blaze, you can book a time to talk to them through their site or contact them through the below.

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