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Infura simplifies blockchain app deployment with easy access to Ethereum and IPFS.



Infura provides the tools and infrastructure that allow developers to easily take their blockchain application from testing to scaled deployment - with simple, reliable access to Ethereum and IPFS. Infura's Web3 connections offer convenient, robust, and dependable access to Web3 networks, enabling developers to concentrate on product, service, and community growth



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  • Free Service (pay only for what you need in-development)
  • Supports multiple network endpoints
  • Quick and reliable access to Web3 networks.
  • No need for time-consuming node syncing for Ethereum and IPFS connections.
  • Cost-effective alternative to storing the full Ethereum blockchain.
  • Expert support teams available 24/7.
  • Faster request response times compared to other services or self-hosted solutions.



  • Reliable Blockchain Node Service: Infura provides a reliable blockchain node service that eliminates the need for developers to maintain their own hardware and node infrastructure.
  • Easy Ethereum and IPFS Access: Developers can quickly and easily access the Ethereum and IPFS networks with Infura's user-friendly tools and APIs.
  • Infura Ethereum API: Infura's Ethereum API offers a standard interface with support for mainnet and testnet networks, providing instant access to the Ethereum blockchain through WebSockets and HTTPS with 99.9% uptime and support for the latest network upgrades.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Infura's infrastructure can scale to accommodate the needs of growing decentralized applications, ensuring smooth performance and availability.
  • Expert Support: Infura offers 24/7 access to expert support teams, assisting developers with any issues or questions they may encounter.
  • Fast and Cost-Effective: Infura's API suite provides faster request response times compared to other services, and its metered billing approach ensures cost-effectiveness by charging users only for the data they store and transfer.






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What is Infura?

Infura is a leading blockchain/web3 infrastructure-as-a-service platform that helps developers, businesses, and dApp teams connect their applications to the Ethereum network and decentralized platforms. It provides reliable and simple access to IPFS and Ethereum, solving issues like extended initialization times and high storage costs for developers connecting to peer-to-peer networks. 

With Infura, developers can avoid complex setups and synchronization problems, allowing them to focus on developing their blockchain applications seamlessly and cost-effectively. Infura's API suite ensures faster response times and 99.9% uptime, making it an essential tool for web3 development in various industries.

What problem does Infura solve?

Infura solves the problem of complexity and resource-intensive tasks faced by web3 developers when connecting to blockchain networks, specifically Ethereum and IPFS. Traditionally, developers needed to set up and maintain their own nodes, which involved time-consuming synchronization, high storage costs, and the need for specialized node software. 

Infura offers a reliable blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service platform that eliminates the need for developers to manage their nodes. It provides quick and simple access to Ethereum and IPFS networks, enabling developers to focus on building decentralized applications without worrying about infrastructure complexities, thereby accelerating development and reducing operational burdens.

Who uses Infura?

Developers in the blockchain space use Infura to quickly and cost-effectively connect their applications to peer-to-peer networks like Ethereum and IPFS, overcoming challenges such as long initialization times, high storage costs, and the need for complex setups. Infura's infrastructure and tools simplify the process, allowing developers to focus on building decentralized applications without the burden of maintaining nodes and infrastructure.

What can Infura be used for?

Infura can be used by developers to quickly and easily connect their blockchain applications to the Ethereum and IPFS networks. It allows devs to build dApps, hassle-free.

How to get started with Infura?

To get started with Infura, developers can sign up for a core service account, which is free, and follow the step-by-step tutorial to set up and start using the Infura Ethereum API.

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