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Bug bounty platform for web3 projects and bounty hunters
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HackenProof is the go-to place to practice pentesting web3 projects. Discovering vulnerabilities for crypto projects will give you higher rewards and more experience in web3 industry.



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For business – free to get listed, 10% fee for valid bugs. Triage services start at $1600 per month. For hackers – free to sign up, get rewarded for valid bugs
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  • Integration with Jira & Telegram
  • Triage team availability



For business:

  • Get reports from skilled web3 experts
  • Place the bounty for free
  • Track your bounty progress in a dashboard
  • Work with the professional triage team

For hackers:

  • Get experience in web3 pentesting
  • Get rewarded without delays
  • Become the web3 white hat hacker






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What is Hacken?

Hacken's bug bounty platform connects crypto business with ethical crypto hackers.

In-scope targets include web assets and smart contracts. Hacken helps crypto businesses connect with a large community of crypto hackers to filter their bug reports.

Hacken also provides ethical hackers the opportunities to participate in high-rewarding bug bounties. The platform provides triage service to fairly filter only relevant reports and evaluate the validity of bug reports and also publish bug tutorials to share the knowledge among our community.

What problem does Hacken solve?

Continuously auditing the code can be too limiting. You'd have to order the audit every quarter and rely only on the team of experts. Bug bounties are crowdsourcing vulnerability discovery on a constant basis. It's also a more cost-effective solution – pay per bug, not the evaluation. For ethical hackers it's a pain to look up projects who have launched their bug bounties. By tracking them in our directory, freelance pentesters can forget about researching projects and start looking into their bugs.

Who uses Hacken?

Any brand who operates with smart contracts in Web3 could benefit from using a service like Hacken. A few of the key users include...

  • Crypto business
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Blockchain networks
  • DeFi
  • NFT projects

In addition to the project side, Hacken is also a great service for the hackers in the space. Below are a few of the developer side roles that can use Hacken.

  • Ethical hackers
  • Regular bug bounty hunters who want to get into web3 cybersec
  • Smart contract pentesters

What are Hacken's key use cases?

Hacken can be used for vaiorus bug discovery and correction issues including...

  • Fix critical bugs before launch
  • Continuously discover bugs with each new release
  • Get rewarded for submitting a valid bug report-
  • Get experience in web3 pentesting

How to get started with Hacken

Head to the Hacken site and sign up.

You can then place a bounty which will trigger the Hacken team to reach out to you for more information.

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