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The Best

Web3 development platforms

If you want to build a Web3 dapp, you're going to need a Web3 developer platform.

These platforms give developers the infrastructure, tools, and support they need to create dApps that work with the decentralized web.

You'll need to know which web3 developer platform best fits with your needs - each will have slightly different use cases and will offer support for different blockchains.

If you're hoping to build a dApp, look through the below list of the best Web3 development platforms to find the best one for your needs.

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Settlemint is a low-code blockchain application development platform
  • Low-code enabling more opportunities
  • Not for complete newbies
  • Multi-chain
  • Multi-cloud
  • Pre-built smart contracts
  • IPFS integration
Alchemy offers various development tools to help build Web3 dApps.
  • Multiple tools
  • Tried and tested by many
  • Industry leading name
  • Still very technical
  • Multiple APIs
  • Multiple chains supported
  • Extensive SDK

DB3 Network

DB3 Network
Suported chains:
No items found.
DB3 Network is an open-source and decentralized firebase firestore alternative..
  • Fully decentralized
  • Protect your data ownership
  • Imcompleted settlement
  • Data ownership should pay for the data mutation
  • Schemaless
  • Programmable
  • High Performance


Suported chains:
No items found.
Discover, deploy and manage smart-contracts with ease
  • Free to start
  • No blockchain expertise needed
  • Super-simple for non-tech people
  • There are paid plans to cover greater projects' needs (for digital agencies)
  • Platform to discover and deploy smart contracts
  • Manage smart contracts through manageable cards and dashboards
  • BYOC (bring your own contract) feature to import and manage it from here


Suported chains:
We make developers lives easier by offering beautiful drop in components with one line of code.
  • Simple to integrate
  • Beautiful and simple design
  • We reduce multiple months of development time into less than an hour
  • People tend to try and build their own auth
  • We are currently centralized, looking to progressively decentralize
  • Drop In Components
  • Role based access control (Token Gating & Manual Assignment)
  • Distributed Identity (Web2 & Web3 merged into one user)


Suported chains:
No items found.
Bug bounty platform for web3 projects and bounty hunters
  • Integration with Jira & Telegram
  • Triage team availability

For business:

  • Get reports from skilled web3 experts
  • Place the bounty for free
  • Track your bounty progress in a dashboard
  • Work with the professional triage team

For hackers:

  • Get experience in web3 pentesting
  • Get rewarded without delays
  • Become the web3 white hat hacker


Suported chains:
Parity is an open-source blockchain technology that enables secure, decentralized applications and transactions.
  • Provides an open-source and customizable blockchain platform 
  • A user-friendly interface for developers 
  • Compatible with multiple blockchain networks
  • Limited documentation
  • Limited consumer support for non-technical users/begineers
  • Potential security vulnerabilities in creating smart contracts
  • May not be a suitable option for small-scale blockchain solutions
  • Customizable blockchain solutions 
  • Secure smart contract creation and digital asset management 
  • Cross-chain compatibility


Suported chains:
No items found.
Fireblockshelps users create blockchain-based products, and manage day-to-day digital asset operations.
  • Secure customer funds from cyber attack
  • Prevent internal collusion and human error with a multi-layer technology
  • Maximize customer balance sheets
  • Reduce counterparty risk
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities

  • No mobile applications
  • Does not support hardware wallets
  • Capital market connectivity: Network to every major exchange, OTC, liquidity provider and trading venue.
  • Exchange rebalancing: Rebalance across spot, derivative and sub-accounts all from crypto transfer network
  • Widest Token support: it supports more than 1,100+ tokens and 35 protocol supported
  • Instant settlement: connect and settle instantly with any counterparty or trading venue on the network
  • Deposit Address Management: Deposit addresses are automatically rotated across the entire ecosystem
  • Fiat banking integration: Signature integration enables Fiat/Crypto settlement.
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What is a Web3 development platform?

A Web3 developer platform is a set of tools and resources designed to help developers create and build decentralized applications and other Web3 projects.

If you have any experience in Web3 and have used anything from an NFT marketplace to a crypto wallet, you'll have interacted with a dApp that's been developed in a Web3 developer platform.

The short explanation is these platforms provide a building and testing environment for Web3 devs to build the future of the decentralised web.

What kind of features do Web3 developer platforms offer?

There is no one set of features and benefits every Web3 developer platform can and should offer.

However, there's a lot of overlap as developers need similar tools regardless of the dApp they're creating or blockchain they're integrating with. For example, a lot of the best Web3 dev platforms will offer...

  • Development tools: These may include code editors, compilers, and other tools that are specifically designed for building decentralized applications and other Web3 projects.
  • Testing and debugging tools: Web3 developer platforms often provide tools and resources for testing and debugging decentralized applications, such as virtual environments or test networks.
  • Documentation and support: Many Web3 developer platforms offer extensive documentation and support resources to help developers get started and troubleshoot issues as they arise.
  • Integration with blockchain networks: Web3 developer platforms often provide APIs and other resources for connecting to and interacting with various blockchain networks, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Web3 developer platforms offer the full range of tools and resources to make it easier for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications and other Web3 projects.

What are the benefits of using a Web3 development platform?

The key benefits of Web3 overall are the transparency and security of blockchain dApps.

The immutable decentralized ledger offers a number of different benefits that are simply missing in Web 2.0.

Thing is, you've probably seen a lot of news about hacks, scams, and exploits in Web3.

This is partly because the industry is something of a wild west right now that's not entirely regulated. Many of the scams and hacks come from social engineering campaigns.

However, there are a few issues where vast amounts of money have been lost because there are issues within the smart contracts and development code of many Web3 dApps.

This is what a good Web3 developer platform helps avoid.

The best Web3 developer platforms have a very supportive community who are focused on improving Web3 as a whole. They want to help identify and remove potential loopholes that will undermine your project and, by extension, the Web3 industry.

By using a specific developer platform you get access to tools to speed your work and a community to help you secure your dApp.

How to choose the best Web3 development platform for your needs

There's a lot that should go into the consideration of which Web3 developer platform you use.

Below are a fews of the key considerations.

Ease of use

Developing smart contracts is hard enough.

If you're also having to battle through poor UX and a difficult to use platform you're adding extra work where it doesn't need to be.

Ease of use should be top of the consideration list when choosing a Web3 dev platform.

Ideally you want to find a platform that requires little to no configuration or extra setup.

in addition, try to find a platform that has detailed help documents and support so you can solve problems that arise quickly.


Scalability is a big issue in Web3.

if you create a dApp that takes off, you need to know that the infrastructure it's built on can handle the increased scale.

While getting your app off the ground with great ease of use is key, you have to also future proof your dApp by ensuring it can handle the increased scale.


Security is another key consideration when choosing a developer platform.

With the little regulation oin the space right now, successful dApps and platforms are the target of hackers and scammers.

If there's. a weakness in your smart contract terms or your dApp's security, these people will find it and exploit it for their gain at your loss.

You have to remember that while the underlying blockchain itself is (generally) very secure, the dApps that sit on top can have weaknesses that open you up to attacks.

Choosing a platform that helps with security is key to the life of your dApp.


We're still int he early days of Web3. And as such, things are going to change quickly.

You might find the best practice or approach that everyone is using today is forgotten about and replaced tomorrow.

Having a developer platform that allows you to quickly pivot is key to a longer life of your dApp.

You need a developer platform that supports multiple libraries so you can quickly amend your approach as and when needed.


A great dApp is worthless if it rarely works, doesn't accurately record to the chain, or is too slow.

Reliability and consistent value needs to be considered if you're going to build something that stands the test of time.

What can you build with a Web3 developer platform?

You're only really limited by your imagination and ability.

You could head out an create a great, new NFT marketplace that offers features the current projects don't.

You could craft a lightweight crypto wallet to help people more easily interact with their favourite dapps.

You could establish your brand with an NFT minting servce, automated crypto lending service, or analytics tool. There are no limits what you can create with a good Web3 developer platform.