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DB3 Network

DB3 Network is an open-source and decentralized firebase firestore alternative..
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DB3 Network


DB3 Network allows Web3 creators to build fully decentralized dApps quickly with minimal engineering effort.

DB3 Network


Taker fee =
1MB data consumes 1DB3 token
Maker fee =

DB3 Network

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DB3 Network
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  • Fully decentralized
  • Protect your data ownership


  • Imcompleted settlement
  • Data ownership should pay for the data mutation


  • Schemaless
  • Programmable
  • High Performance


DB3 Network




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DB3 Network

DB3 Network


DB3 Network


What is DB3 Netowrk?

DB3 Network is an open-source and decentralized firebase firestore alternative for building fully decentralized dApps quickly with minimal engineering effort.

What problem does DB£ Network solve?

Currently, there are two types of Data architecture for dApp (decentralized application): centralized vs. decentralized.Centralized: use Firebase or MongoDBto store the data), both of which are developer-friendly.

However, dApps would be regarded as less secure based on a central database.

Decentralized: use Ethereum or other blockchains to store the data and use the Graph to index data from it. The separation of the storage and the indexer would cost a lot of engineering efforts in future development

.With Db3 network, you can get both advantages of the above two choices.

Who uses DB3 Network?

  • Web3 dApp builder and developers
  • Typescript developers
  • Trustless forums
  • Mutable NFT storage
  • Decentralized social

What are DB3 Networks key use cases?

Web2 front-end developers who want to cut in web3 and start learning to build a dApp can use the DB3 database, like they develop in web2 using firebase.

How to get started with DB3 Network

The newbie can follow github readme instruction and use our CLI tool and db3.js to write data into the database.

Year Founded: 
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DB3 Network