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Primitives is building a fun way to create, share, and collect NFTs.
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Primitives is looking to simplify the way we identify in Web3.

The platform allows users to create, share, and collect NFTs. The Primitives team believethat Primitives will be the hub for a complete NFT experience. This includes everything from minting and remixing to sharing and collecting.

They're also planning a social network based on shared assets across crypto wallets, creating new ways to facilitate connections and online experiences.



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  • Great vision for NFTs



  • Multiple tiers of NFTs
  • Share NFTs with people to create deeper connections






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What is Primitives?

Primitives is a platform for creating and sharing NFTs.

You're able to mint one of three tiers of NFTs on the platform. Those tiers are...

  • Personal: The NFT to identify you on the decentralized web.
  • Moments:  NFTs that capture moments you believe worth commemorating.
  • Cards: Special collectable  NFTs that function as a game on the Primitives platform ( coming soon)

You're able to mint, share, and trade NFTs all within the Primitives platform.

What problem does Primitives solve?

The decentralization of the web is an incredible move to help cut out middlemen who either take an unfair cut of profits, or sell data for their own gain.

However, it has also made it difficult to connect with others in the space.

When someone's identity is split across a long form wallet address, Twitter profile, Discord handle and so much more - none of which are necessarily connected to each other - it becomes difficult to foster long-lasting relationships across platforms.

Primitives is working to solve this.

While the NFT identity they offer will help people connect with you, the Primitives team is also working to make onboarding to a Web3 wallet simpler and more fun.

With this, users should be able to easily create a wallet and share a single asset that helps others connect with them.

How to get started with Primitives?

Head to the Primitives site and click on the "register" button.

You'll be asked to set up an account with an email and password before confirming.

how to get started with Primitives

Once confirmed, you'll find yourself on a page that asks you to create your own personal NFT.

How to get started with Primitives

You'll now create your NFT based on pre-determined elements from the Primitives platform.

How ot create a personal NFT with primitive

Primitives contact

You can contact the Primitives team through the site or through one of the below channels.

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