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Mint, build, and sell NFTs on your own smart contract.
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Mintbase is a platfrom that allows you to build your own minter, market, or redeemer for NFTs.

The developer toolkit is on NEAR: A sharded blockchain and they have detailed documents for creators and developers to get started.



Taker fee =
2% of sales plus ETH gas fee
Maker fee =


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  • Easy to use user interface
  • Fast and scalable
  • Creators can set up to 25 people to receive royalties and the percentage
  • The platform is compatible with a wide range of wallets
  • Mintbase is beginner friendly


  • Relatively high fees


  • Auctions
  • Split Revenue
  • Forever royalties
  • Email notification






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What is Mintbase?

Founded in 2019 by Carolin Wend and Nate Geier in Lisbon, Mintbase is a platform that enables anyone to set up their own NFT store.

Users can mint, then sell or auction their creations after creating a store. The platform provides an environment in which users can create NFTs without needing to have technical knowledge. Mintbase users can create a wide variety of assets, such as files, music, event tickets, art, and photographs. After minting NFTs, they can list them for sale on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or within their Mintbase own marketplace.

Mintbase refers to itself as the Shopify of NFTs due to the ease with which items can be created and sold. Mintbase began on Ethereum, but rising gas fees made minting and purchasing prohibitively expensive for the average user. The introduction and integration of NEAR have made creating a store and populating it with NFTs easier for creators.

The platform aims to provide anyone, anywhere with the ability to create and sell NFTs, regardless of skill level. Initially, the technical barrier to creating NFTs was quite high because you needed to understand how to launch smart contracts. This is precisely what Mintbase can assist with. Each store is a smart contract that can be deployed with a few mouse clicks. Any digital asset you want can be converted into an NFT and sold in your store. Mintbase provides a plethora of customization options for your NFT.

Creators, for instance, can choose to give a royalty to any account in perpetuity. When NFT is sold in the future, a percentage (determined by the creator) will be transferred to an account of their choice. Furthermore, any and all metadata, such as a website, date, or location, may be attached to the NFT. If none of these types of metadata meet your needs for your NFT, you can create custom metadata as "key-value pairs."

After you've created the NFTs, you can list them for sale or auction them off to buyers. Buyers can browse the storefront after listing and see which NFTs are ready for sale.

Buyers can either buy the NFTs outrightly or bid on them in the auction you've set up. Owners of the NFT have the ability to accept or reject bids made on the NFT during the auction.

When you sell an NFT from your store, Mintbase charges a 2% commission. All other royalties you have set up are automatically distributed to their respective accounts. Mintbase is built on the Ethereum blockchain as well as the NEAR protocol. On the NEAR network, the NEAR token serves as a unit of value, as does ETH on the Ethereum network.

What problem does Mintbase solve?

2021 was the year when interest in NFTs exploded.

It felt like everyone was launching either a single art piece of a collection.

The problem with that interest was two fold.

First, a lot of the people launching collections didn't really have the technical knowledge to do anything more than list some art pieces for sale on centralized platforms.

Second, most of the projects were little more than a piece of art.

The future of NFTs will, in our opinion, be more decentralized and utility focused. However, this future requires NFT creators to have a decent evel of technical knowhow.

Not knowing how to build your own marketplace or how to format a proper smart contract will exclude people with good intentions but no technical skills.

This is what Mintbase is hoping to help solve.

Mintbase allows anyone to set up their own NFT marketplace or minting platform so they can offer their users NFTs on their own platform.

You can carry out multiple actions on Mintbase from minting and trading to airdrops and auctions.

The Mintbase team is constantly working to make it easier fot eh average person to easily use these features with their own community and audience.

Is Mintbase legit?

We believe that Mintbase is legit and is not a scam.

However, this is not financial advice and you should ensure your own due dilligence when analysing which platforms to use to support your business endeavours.

How to get started with Mintbase

If you already have a NEAR account, you can skip the first few steps.

Head to the Mintbase site and click on "Connect wallet" in the top nav bar. This will redirect you to the NEAR protocol site.

Sign up on the page it directs you to.

How to use Mintbase

You'll be asked how you want to secure your account. Choose what you're most comfortable with.

How to start using Mintbase - NEAR protocol sign up

Once you've completed the sig up, you'll find yourself in the NEAR protocol dashboard.

Signing up to NEAR to use Mintbase

You can now head back to Mintbase and click on the Launchpad button to get started. You'll be asked to lnink your recently created NEAR wallet and add some NEAR.

How to get started with Mintbase

From here, you'll then find yourself in the MIntbase dashboard where you can start using their platform.

Mintbase contacts details

You can contact the Mintbase team through their site or through one of the below channels.

Mintbase Twitter

Mintbase LinkedIn

Mintbase Telegram

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