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Mirror helps writers turn their work into unique, monetisable digital assets
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Mirror helps writers turn their work into unique, monetisable digital assets


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  • Not just for crypto topics, can create monetizable content on any topic
  • Cuts out middle men for many creative writers and journalists
  • Can run multiple monetization models from crowdfunding to creating a DAO


  • On Ethereum blockchain so minting costs can be high


  • Lets you mint your creative writeup and monetize them.
  • Can work as a direct monetizable blog
  • Establish a DAO
  • Crowdfunding
  • Auction
  • Revenue splits
  • Subscriptions





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In their own words

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What is allows writers to mint their publications as NFTs giving them more options on controlling the monetization of their work.

With, you can mint blog posts, whitepapers, or any other written materials.

You can then select how many "collectibles" of that article you want to create and the price. Allowing your audience to purchase ownership of your publication.

The company was founded in October 2020 by Denis Nazarov. The platform is built on Ethereum and allows writers to publish and make money off of their projects by selling them as NFTs.

Mirror started out simply as a place for writers to mint their work as NFTs so they could better profit from it. However, as time has passed they have massively grown their offering. You still have the functionality to mint and profit from original work. However, you can now do so much more.

Mirror is growing to become one of the best places for creators to leverage the power of a decentralised, community-driven creation project. You can - of course, create and auction original works.

But you can also now create DAOs, revenue splits from your assets to enable co-creation with others, and run token race's to airdrop collaboration tokens with others.

It's become a great location for NFT creators of all kinds to collaborate, mint, and profit from their work.

What problem does solve?

Writers play an insanely important role in society whether you know it or not.

The entertainment we love, the education we need, the research we rely on.

Regardless of format (text, audio, or video) there's always a writer behind it.

And yet, it's become increasingly difficult for content creators to eek out a living.

As the internet has grown, so too have the number of creators. As the number of creators has grown, so too have the number of platforms that "empower" them.

The problem is, these platforms hold all the cards.

They decide whether or not your content is worthy of having ads served through it.
They decide how much of the advertising profit to send your way.

The result is creators offering vast value for little of the rewards.

In the last few years we've seen a lot of people move towards owning their own distribution and monetization of their content. is helping creators do this with Web3 decentralization.

With, you're able to mint your written creations as NFTs and assign different levels of "collection" to them.

Your audience can buy ownership of your best pieces if they so choose to.

It's a direct monetization solution for creators that encourages them to craft content their audience truly enjoys.

Is legit?

We believe that is a legit project and all above board.

However, this is not financial advice. When choosing platforms for your business that are tied to your finances, also do your own due diligence and make an informed decision.

How to get started with

Head to the site and click on "Connect Wallet:" in the top nav bar.

You'll be asked to sync the wallet you most often use.

How to get started with

Once you've synced your wallet, you'll find yourself in the primary dashboard.

How to use

In the left nav bar you'll see various options where you can drill down into the different assets you can create on

If you want to write an mint a new piece, click on "Create entry" in the top right hand corner.

This will open a simple and easy to use text editor.

Write and optimize your post before getting ready to publish.

How does work? works just like any other online CMS.

If you've created your own site on a platform like WordPress or used a service like Medium, this will be very familiar.

Simply follow the set up steps above and get to the point of creating your article. Write your piece and get ready to publish.

The main creation page is very straightforward. You can add a title and then scroll down to the "What's on your mind" area to write your content.

At the bottom of this area, you'll see a "blocks" button. Click this to open uip more editing options including elements like adding a header, bullet list, images etc.

How to use blocks

Use these blocks to format your collection.

Once you're ready to publish your piece, click on publish in the top right.

How does publishing work

Once you've clicked publish, you'll be asked to sync your walet to the network.

Do so and you'll then see the below message.

How to publish on

You can publish the piece as is and not collect any funds for it simply by clicking "Sign and publish"..

If you want to collect money, you need to toggle on the "funding" button.

This is really the key to making money with and knowing how it works is key.

Toggle the button and you'll be offered a few options to outline the costing of your piece. You have to select 2 options.

  1. The price per piece
  2. The total supply of pieces people can collect
How funding works

When you've set your funding options, you have to click the confirm tick box which will enable the "sign and publish" button.

After a few seconds, your wallet will open to confirm the publication. Bear in mind publishing monetized pieces costs a small amount of ETH.

All is outlined in the final agreement in your wallet.

How does publishing work

Accept and publish and you've got a monetized piece up and running on

That's the basics of how works.

If you want a more detailed explanation, check out our detailed guide here. contact

You can contact the mirror team directly through their website or through one of the below channels. Twitter LinkedIn

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