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Unlock is an open-source protocol for membership and subscription NFTs!
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Unlock is a protocol for memberships. It allows community creators to establish their own rules and create NFT keys for access to their community.

These keys can be time bound and have complex rule and tier levels attached. Users then purchase these NFTs for access to the community or the relevant section of the community.



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  • Allows new revenue streams with NFTs
  • Better relationships with members


  • Helps with tiers, you still need to grow the community


  • Define Membership terms
  • Members only content






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What is Unlock?

Unlock is a protocol that helps the founders and community managers of Web3 communities better engage and serve their audience.

With Unlock, you're able to set up tier levels of access to different pieces of content. Users are able to gain access to the content through the purchase of NFT keys.

Through the Unlock platform, you're able to have a lot of flexibility in what the NFTs your audience buys offers access to and how it works with your content.

What problem does Unlock solve?

Creators have had something of a raw deal as the internet has expanded.

The plethora of free information has made it so that it's become difficult to effectively monetise your own research and analysis or entertainment.

The most common ways of monetizing your content has been to include advertisements, or rely on something like YouTube to add ads into your content for a small payout.

The problem is that as the number of creators has grown, the payment from ads has diminished.

It's not uncommon to see news sites go out of business and creators with reasonable audience struggle to make ends meet.

A more recent development has seen creators put their best content behind a paywall.

This led to the growth of platforms like Substack. Which is great, but it's still a middle man. If you anger the powers that be, you could lose access to your paying community.

Unlock is cutting the middlemen out of monetizing your community.

With Unlock, you create your content and publish it on channels you own. You then set up your community rules for what they get access to.

Finally you can sell NFTs that offer access to different areas of your community back to your audience.

It gives power back to creators to monetize their audience in a Web3 native way.

How to get started with Unlock?

Head to the Unlock site and click on the "Launch App" button in the top nav bar.

You'll then see the below page.

How to use Unlock

Agree to the terms.

You should link your wallet now as, without doing so, you can't set up any locks.

Once done, click on "Create Lock". You'll find the below screen.

From here, follow the guide that Unlock lays out to set up your locks and use their integration to get your locks live on your site.

How to use Unlock for Web3 communities

Unlock contact details

You can contact the Unlock team through their site, or through one of the below channels.

Unlock Twitter

Unlock Forum

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