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Enjin Wallet

The Enjin Wallet makes it simple for user to buy, sell, send, and store all of their unique collectibles and NFTs
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Enjin Wallet


The Enjin wallet was recently upgraded (and full rebuilt) to a 2.0 offer. \

The focus of Enjin's wallet is to help people with better functionality for NFTs and to build a safer place to operate within DeFi as well as having no tracking or ads built in.

Enjin Wallet


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Enjin Wallet

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Enjin Wallet
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  • Focus on security
  • Lower gas costs


  • V2.0 of the wallet not yet available on iOS


  • Portfolio view
  • View balance in local currency
  • Infinite wallets


Enjin Wallet




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Enjin Wallet

Enjin Wallet


What is Enjin wallet?

Enjin wallet is a Web3 wallet that offers a specific focus on NFTs and DeFi.

Unlike many wallets that are simple places to hold your assets, Enjin offers specific utility including...

  • NFT trades - The new Enjin wallet make sit easier to buy, sell, send, and store your NFTs
  • 100% DeFi - With Enjin, you're able to swap any coin or token instantly (as long as it's a supported token)

The developers have also buffed up security for the v2.0 of the app to make sure this is a safe option for you to use and store your assets.

What tokens does the Enjin wallet support?

The Enjin Wallet supports;

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (Doge)
  • Binance Tokens (BEP-2, and BEP-20)
  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Kusama (KSM) tokens

What problem does Enjin wallet solve?

One of the things we love about Web3 is wallets.

There's a lot of functionality through wallets - everything from simple single sign on to a way to handle, organise, and trade digital assets.

They're kind of like the Apple Wallet that allows you to link payment cards and collect event tickets on steroids.

The problem is as we link more assets and sign ons to these wallets, we're creating a single pointnof failure. Lose access to your wallet and you lose access to a lot of valuable information.

It's even worse if someone else is able to gain access to that information.

Wallets that have increase security are going to be key to the future and security of Web3.

And that's something the team at Enjin have been working on.

Enjin's new 2.0 wallet has better security. According to their site it is "impenetrable". They claim it has groundbreaking security features that transform your phone into a hardware like, secure blockchain wallet without sacrificing the ease of use of a hot wallet.

Basically, it's like having a hardware wallet that requires offline approval for transaction in Web3, but from the convenience of your phone.

This, if true, could be the future of better blockchain and Web3 wallets that need security without sacrificing ease of use.

How to get started with Enjin wallet

Enjin wallet has an app available on both iOS and Android.

Head to their site to find links to the relevant app store links or head to your app stor and search for Enjin (make sure you download the right wallet if you search on the app store).

How to download Enjin wallet

From here, download the wallet to your device. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to set it up successfully.

What operating systems does Enjin wallet work with?

Enjin wallet 2.0 is currently available on Android devices. However, at the time of writing the iOS version is listed as coming soon.

It appears that a prior version was available on iOS as you've got a tonne of reviews for it. But it might just be that the V2 is not yet available.

As such, you cannot download the V1 version on iOS so it's Android only right now.

Is Enjin wallet a cold or hot wallet?

This is an interesting question.

Technically Enjin is a hot wallet as it's connected to the internet through your mobile device.

However, it boasts a cold wallet like security. It might be that they have some form of cold wallet security built in to authorize payment and transaction in an environment they secure from the primary app.

Is Enjin wallet secure?

Yes, we believe the Enjin wallet is secure.

they've spent a lot of time on beefing up the security of the wallet.

However, do not take our word for it and make sure you do your own research. This is not financial advice and you should always carry out your own research and be careful with the decisions you make.

Enjin wallet contact details

You can contact the Enjin wallet team through their site or through the below channels.

Enjin Twitter

Enjin LinkedIn

Enjin Telegram

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Enjin Wallet