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Tap Fantasy

Tap Fantasy is an MMORPG building the biggest play2earn on Solana and BSC. It’s the metaverse version of the famous TapTap Fantasy with over 20 million users.

Tap Fantasy


Tap Fantasy is a MMORPG blockchain game developed by HTML 5. Players can interact with Tap Fantasy directly on the web page or wallet.Third-party game developers can design and create gameplay modules. Game designers earn 50% commission from their gameplay modules.

Tap Fantasy


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Tap Fantasy

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Tap Fantasy
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Tap Fantasy




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Tap Fantasy

Tap Fantasy


In the world of the Metaverse, there is a game called "Tap Fantasy" which allows players to interact with each other directly on the web page or wallet. The game has both AXIE's "PLAY TO EARN" module and Roblox's "DESIGN TO EARN" developer module.Third-party game developers can design and create gameplay modules using TP's no-code map editor. Game designers earn 50% commission from GOLD COINS that players consume in third-party gameplay modules.Designers can also MINT their own designed NFT profile pictures, wallpaper, buildings, character skin appearances, and sell them to players in the market.The game has been accumulating resources for years now, and we now have more than 200 ACG characters. Plus, our partners in Japan also have plenty of animation resources which they can use to join the world of the Metaverse.

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