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Seismic Speculations

Seismic Speculations, is a game of earthquake prediction.

Seismic Speculations


Place your predictions, in the forms of pins, on a map.The player who successfully predicts a subsequent quake, the closest within a 100 kilometer radius, wins the outstanding Wager Pool.

Seismic Speculations


Taker fee =
1% of winnings
Maker fee =

Seismic Speculations

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Seismic Speculations
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  • Simple overall concept
  • Easy to play
  • Low fee, as it's built on Polygon.


  • Requires some basic knowledge of MetaMask
  • Currently only accepts MATIC deposits (this may change in the future)


Try to predict where in the world the next earthquake will occur, by placing simple pins on a map. Whoever guesses closest to within 100 kilometers, wins the Wager Pool.


Seismic Speculations




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Seismic Speculations

Seismic Speculations


Seismic Speculations


What is Seismic Speculations??

Seismic Speculations is a game of earthquake prediction.

By placing simple points on a map, the user has the opportunity to claim a Wager Pool, provided that their prediction is the closest within a 100 kilometer radius of a subsequent earthquake.

Earthquake data is live and constantly updated.In order to place "prediction points" on the map, users must connect their MetaMask wallets and purchase credits by depositing MATIC. The game uses the Polygon network.

Each wager point costs the user 0.1 credits, which are placed into a Wager Pool.

Users may place up to 5 points per "round". A "round", being the arbitrary time between subsequent quakes.When a quake occurs, the player closest to within a 100 kilometer radius, will win the outstanding Wager Pool.

Players may withdraw any winnings once their total winnings have exceeded 1 MATIC.

The winning player claims 99% of the pool. The House claims a 1% fee for the sake of continued maintenance and further development.

Who uses Seismic Speculations?

Users most likely to enjoy the game would be gamers, gamblers and really anyone generally interested in maps and seismology.  

As a game with a very specific manner of play and purpose, use cases would range from gaming, gambling and an interest in maps, seismology and earthquake prediction.

How to get started with Seismic Speculations?

Begin by connecting your MetaMask wallet, and then press the Get My Wallet Information button.    

Deposit up to 10 MATIC at a time from your MetaMask wallet in order to acquire credits.    Use the slider at the bottom of the panel, underneath the Get My Wallet Information button in order to designate a sum for deposit.    

Using these credits (the full sum of which can be viewed in the left-hand panel, beside the Current Wagers / Available Credits heading), you can place up to 5 prediction points per round upon the map (a "round" constitutes the arbitrary time between subsequent quakes).    

Move these points to a preferred location, then press the commit button to make your prediction(s).Further, more detailed, information can be viewed by visiting the site and hovering over the question mark icon in the header.

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Seismic Speculations